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latest updates...

My yellow climbing rose update. Top picture was March and this bottom one is from Mother's day. I'm so glad it's surviving! I also planted another one, but it's either red or orange..I don't remember! Lol

Here is what I made my mom for Mothers day. I was inspired by a pintrest. Its a small clay pot with air dry clay and paint turning it into a fairy garden house... I may make her a while little set...
It was my 2nd time working with air dry clay, I greatly enjoyed it. Here was the first time, a gift to my son for his birthday:

Here is a little picture I just colored while listening to an audio book, it was very relaxing!
 And just for fun, here is my ferret baby, his name is Shiro-san
Yes, his eyes are red! Lol
Thanks for stopping by! -hazel-crochetamommy
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Hello to all! I've been busy with work and life... But I have started back drawing (been playing way too many video games to craft.. Now I miss creating) also I figured I would share my game list that I've been playing. I have to say that I found a wonderful youtuber that has given me so much inspiration.

This is just one of many videos that she has!

On to my drawings; I let my son chose some drawing prompts for me and here is what I've done so far....
1. Science project gone wrong

2. Band album art. I started creating a band of original characters. (OCs) this is Kytara a leopard gecko from Czech. I'm working on bios and 2 other ocs.
3. Dinosaur theme. I used Google search and for tutorials and reference.
My game list;  On Android phone: Portal Heros, Star Wars (EA), Dragon City, Covet (Fashion). On game boy 2ds: pokemon super mystery dungeon.
Catch y'all next time! ~Hazel

Happy Easter 2018

Used app on my phone to create. Really simple and easy to use. Had stickers (uses here for everything). Awesome photomanipulation options!

new trend? c2c crochet graphgan...

Hello to all!

I was looking around on Ravelry for a few baby gift ideas and patterns, while surfing I came across some cute blankets with pictures in them. I have made quite a few myself over the years, but I kept seeing c2c in the pattern name or description... I had no idea what it meant. I had to look! These blankets were so cute and had a lovely texture to them. Here is a great video explaining how to crochet Corner 2 Corner while following a graph.

I had to give this a try! I've made these 'graphagans' before by using single crochet with color changes, single crochet with cross stitch (least fave) and Tunisian crochet (fave!)... So I went searching for charts, graphs, c2c. But the best I found was under pixel art and 8 bit!

Here was my was quite advance considering the color changes...

Here is my block: 4.00mm hook and ww yarn 6.5 in
Omg! The ends, look at my wip!

But.. My son loved it! I was thrilled with the texture and how fast it worked up while being to…

too much dental? and eric art challenge!

Hello to all! I hope you have had a wonderful week. Another one gone, many more to come.

I'm a dental assistant, I really think it's my calling.. I love anything toothy...anything... I found a pin on Pinterest, while looking for ideas to create crochet applique patterns... They were teeth drawn as superhero... Superman, Batman. Iron man. Etc... So... I quickly And cutely doodles my own version, grabbed yarn and needle...

I need to take a few more shots.. Give him an all out photoshoot. I admitt, sadly... He doesn't look much toothy... But.. He is so cute, cha?

I do have the pattern typed... Ready for testers then release... Should I do anymore like this or just go on to my next applique ideas?

While in town this weekend, it was rainy cold weather but before my trip was over, look what I was blessed to see....

 And leaving out the other side of parking lot, this was also breath taking.....

 It was so amazingly beautiful. That's what I'm leaving off with for this wee…

new year 2018!

Hello to all! Yes, I'm still here! Even if I haven't been here on my blog. Sorry about wasting your time checking in and no updates in so long! Life has changed so much since I've started the blogging adventure! I used to be a SAHM and yes we are busy to, but I always found time for crafting and submitting. I went to school to better my family, graduated and fell in LOVE with my career. Yes, career and not just a job. I am a Certified Dental Assistant! Everyday is filled to helping patients, helping other staff and learning! This year I have really started off self thinking and aweareness about little things I need and want to change for me and my family. It is really hard to do things for myself, but since I'm recovering from a minor procedure, I realize I have to take care of my health or I'm not good for my family or anybody else. I've started little things, writing in a cute daily planner I received from my mom. Writing days out in advance, planning to do l…

Spring in!

Hello to all!!! I am so loving the extra hour of sunlight! That means extra time before dark after work!! Lovely warm weather!!

Here are a few things that i have been up to:

Tried Banana nut bread/cake/brownies:

Colored a beautiful Snail with glittery pens!

A 3D quilling pony that i just finished:
A flowerpot that I painted a few weeks ago:

And my son, colored this wonderful picture!! It rocks!!
And the open flower from the bud picture I posted:

I hope that you enjoyed!! Have fun, be safe and enjoy life!!

Thank you for stopping by!!