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Rainy weather, and new applique

Hello to all!! I have not posted because, really been busy and just a little down. It is raining soooo much around here! News: I finished a house warming gift for my mother to give to a coworker. i did not take pictures as i finished it at her house, but i do have a few work in progress pictures: Total items: 2 knitted dishcloths, 4 knitted coasters, 1 butterfly, 1 heart, 2 voltive candles. Placed in a small wicker basket.
I tested this square: Veronica Rose by Melissa Green
Also tested this square: High Tech Square by Melissa Green
I made these while teaching my SIL to crochet  and my son took them over as coasters and a table mat: Little Star Dishcloth
And finally, another applique pattern i created: A little elephant! :) Still a work in progress, need to add a few things, this was a quick picture to show a few friends and the person the pattern was intended for. I am making a baby blanket and will be applying this baby blue elephant and a baby pink elephant i have made to it. Hope to…

Happy Valentines Day.. or a late one..

Hello to all! Happy Valentines day!  So, i have been busy.. but not, all at the same time it feels like..  here are some of the things ive been up to lately:
Checkerboard Square by Melissa Green I loved this square, easy and fast to work up and with so many color combos!
  A Persian kitten i drew for a prize request on dA.  I love the way his eyes came out.. 
 An origami shark for my son's pirate theme Valentines day gift.
A battle ship with a tribal pirate for my son's pirate theme Valentines day gift.
A heart shaped box to hold the origami shark and pirate ship for my son's Valentines day gift.

 A buck drawn on my husband's Valentines day card from us.
 My mom's Valentines day heart box.. i havent put anything in it yet... but will.. maybe some candy or some small crochet flowers... i dunno..
well, that really has been what i have been doing lately..  I have a 12in block i will be testing, and i am in the process of knitting a shawl  will most likely have those …

Dishcloth/coasters.. 2nd block for Feb, Pattern for sale

Hello to all!! thanks for stopping by and reading!! I have several things going on.. and i have actually been able to mark some of my To-do list as finished!!  Mom's dishcloth and 4 coaster set! she really liked the round one,  reminds her of a starfish, she said.
and I finished my 2nd block for this month for my blanket i am going to assemble in Dec if i can keep up  making blocks every month! 4squares in 2months down!
 I have the pattern, and fabric cut out for my son's plushy  Triceratops that i am making him, that thing is going to be huge.. 10in tall by 22 in long!! ive no idea what i got myself into.. but its so like me, just to jump knowing i can do it... or at the very least, find help to do it! will post pics when i have it finished.. his colors are blue, with red horns.
I will be drawing soon, i have several prize donations that i need to get done. 
oh yeah, almost forgot.. my flower bookmark pattern is up for sale now!! $1.00 for the pattern that has 4 bookmarks. C…

First week of Feb..

Hello to all!!! :) Thanks for stopping by! In this post i will be showing what i have been making..  and give my lllooonnnngggg to-do list..  seems either i have nothing to do.. or a million things.. never in between.  I like being busy though!! Split Crescents dish cloth made for my mother. made with 100% cotton I am currently making coasters with the blue/white combo to go with it. One down a few more to go.
Ribs n Lace My Block 1 for Feb. for my blanket I hope to make for myself in Dec. actually came out to be 12in. most of my "12"blocks i do come up short..
Another 9in square test for Melissa Greene Lyssa square, mine measures 7in.
My to do list:
Crochet-Knitting: finish coasters make block 2 for Feb. get flower pattern revised and released. make coasters for around the house make kindle cozy pattern
sewing: make my son a stuff triceratops plushy make another apron
drawing: 1 prize request-Sofi- half way done 3 prize requests not started.
Ok, I think that is about it fo…