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Octopus Patterns- Released for sale!

Hello to all!!!
I have my two patterns ready for sale.
Version 1-
$1.25 Key chain octopus- small
Version 2- elongated head $1.25 Key Chain Octopus- elongated head
And an ebook of both patterns together: $2.00 ebook Key chain Octopus
I dont know if i have promoted my applique ebook so, I am going to mention it now. Its called Applique for baby blankets. it includes my patterns: Elephant applique Lion applique Lady bug applique Stag applique  mushroom applique. thats all of my appliques in one place!!! $5.00 Applique for baby blankets
Thats all i have for you today!!! Should be posting again in a few days!! Thanks for stopping by! ~hazel~crochetamommy

Works in Progress

Hello to all!!!
Sorry i havent been posting for the last while ive been feeling sick and just not getting much crafting done.
Here are a few projects i have been working on:
baby blanket. current measures 28in by 17in it goes with the baby set ive currently made.
 and an up close of the diamonds!
Ive also always wanted to do my nails, but were always too short.. but lately they have been growing out.  something simple.. 
I am also working on a bracelet for myself using some charms that my son and hubsand had bought for my birthday Well, its coming up.. and i wanted to have it done..
Im still working on it, will post a final picture when done!!!
Thats it for now, hopefully i'll post again before or on my birthday and this august is 2 years i have been blogging!!! WOW!

Finished projects! bonnet and octopus v2

Hello to all!!! I just finished these projects,  and i couldnt wait to show them off to you all!!!
here is the bonnet to complete the baby outfit: so, now all i have to do is find a blanket pattern.. and make it. lol
Just literally finished this: for my mom!!! and i have the pattern in testing stages with the first one! will probably release together with discount price! :)
Coming up next: -baby blanket -drawing or card making -and maybe something completely different, you never know!!
Thanks for stopping by, hope you all enjoy!!! ~hazel~crochetamommy

Work in progress and a drawing

Hello to all! Today i thought i will show some of the projects i have going:
A rainbow octopus for my mom. Writing this pattern out, this will be version #2 of my key chain octopus patterns.
next up, working on the bonnet to go with the baby set:
And a drawing i just did in my new sketchbook: Gage, a character from a video game.
Thanks for stopping by! Hope you enjoyed! Next post, finished pictures!!! ~hazel~crochetamommy

Brithday cards, and an ebook

Hello to all! Thanks for stopping by!  today, i have to share 2 birthday cards i have made! This one: Is for my niece Sarah. 
This one: Is for the son of a friend of mine.

Also, as promised, another octopus.
Yes, this one is different, had to work it according to the remaining yarn i had in this color. will have this pattern up soon, along with a second version.
and... I put my appliques into an ebook, now 5 of my appliques for $5.00 *elephant**stag**lady bug**lion**mushroom* Applique for baby blankets by crochetamommy
Next, i should be working on the baby bonnet and blanket. maybe some more quilling.. I really have no idea!! Thanks for stopping by! ~hazel~crochetamommy

Catch up from the week: Pants, Quilling card, watercolor and more

Hello to all!! I know i havent posted this week as much as i have the last two, but with homeschooling starting and me having 2 dr appt this week, crafting and posting have been slow.
I have gotten a few things done, so here we go!!
Remember i said i was making something for a friend, and couldnt show until she received it in the mail, well... she did, and loved it, and here it is! from my own pattern! and will be having another one made soon too! he measures about 2in tall. made with cotton yarn and size 0 steel hook. 
And for what you all been waiting for, more baby set pictures.!. i finished the pants, i will soooo modify the pattern the next time i make it! (please forgive background, just grabbed one of my son's baby blankets for background) and added ribbon to booties: and to jacket, all i need to do is sew on a few buttons:
I am still looking for a blanket pattern to make to go with this.. want something  danity and old fashion to go with this set...
on to next craft,

baby sweater, mini book, quilled flower

Hello to all!   I've been busy! i have finished the baby jacket (except for ribbons/buttons)  it's so cute! now to make the pants and bonnet.

I've made a mini origami sketch book.

measures 1 1/4 of an inch tall, 2in long and 1/2 in thick. has 11 blank pages in it. Ive no idea what im going to do with it or put in it.
 i used this video:
I've also made a cute quilled card
 from this video:

Thats all i have for today!!! i hope you enjoy! I really have! have a safe and happy weekend! ~hazel~crochetamommy