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Closing of a semester and other works

Hello to all,
Life has been busy, and I just haven't felt like updating..
but, I do have a few things to show you.
Here is my Journal I had to post in college success over the 10 week semester: Coll 1000 Journal 2015
Entry 1: Thursday May 28, 2015 (week 2) This is the second week of class. I am pretty sure it is going to be a good semester. I received my first test grade from Structure and Function (anatomy class). I made an 100 on the first chapter test. I am so happy, I studied very hard for it. I am preparing for the next test over Ch. 2 & 3 for next week. I am also glad that I am taking college success. I feel that insight the class can provide will help me manage my classes and my work environment. I am so glad my son is out of school for the summer. I am a stay at home mom and I homeschool him. I feel that I need to take all the time that I can for my anatomy class. I do prepare to study and pass with as high of a grade as I can. To help prove to myself that I can, and to …


Hello to all!!! Thanks for stopping by!  I have been working on school work and cleaning. I haven't been creative much,  but I have started back on my pixel batman blanket..  i actually started sewing some squares together, many many many more to go!.
I also have drawn in my sketchbook, which has been laying closed since... forever. I used a chibi reference tutorial for body, and a reference picture for the character from a show we watch.
here are the digital lines: I had a ton of fun drawing and lining this picture.  I do hope to color it, but no idea when...
school and i need to start sewing welding hats. 
Um, maybe next week i will have a picture of the blanket in progress.. and maybe soap? im out of homemade soap and i need to make another batch.
Have a safe and wonderful work week a head!!!  ~hazel~crochetamommy

Update. mini rest, and more to come!

Hello to all!! I hope everyone had a safe and wonderful 4th of July!!
This week I had a summer break from school and I have rested and did a few things here and there..
Also catching ya'll up from the week before.. here we go..
This is a purse that was commissioned from my aunt.  really had fun working on it. I love making little messenger bags!  sadly, used the last of the pink camo fabric i had.
Next, I have done a whole lot of digital works. I colored this from line art: from Chibivi Linearts on dA
also colored this one but with oil pastels for a summer color contest on dA: line art from Jade Dragonne on dA- Cutie Pie Wonderland coloring contest
Attempted a comic book character called The Wasp: I have a few things in the work, and probably will have more to come next week!!
Hope you enjoyed! Be safe, have fun and enjoy the summer! ~hazel~crochetamommy