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To Finish January off..

Hello to all! Thanks for stopping by and taking a look. Here are some of the things i have been up to lately..
 The top square is Floral Trellis square by Melissa Green and the bottom one is another one by her, but not yet released.  It is still being tested. I just finished it today!! Here is another square I tested for her  Plumtastic granny square by Melissa Green they really are fast and easy patterns.
Next up, My flower bookmark patterns will be available soon,  starting in Feb. the set of 4 will be $1.  I hope to get some more sewing in during Feb. and maybe some more candle making in also. Just a reminder to all,my Valentines Day Gift Basket raffle will close on Feb. 3. Entry is $1. you can find all the info in the post titled  Valentines Day gift basket raffle.
Hope everyone had a wonderful month to start the year off right in 2013! ~hazel~crochetamommy

Bookmarks, and tutorial

Hello to all! thank you for stopping by and taking a look!!
Today i have a brief tutorial on how I do my rings (as in my new patterns being released)

This is how i make the rings for my bookmarks, and any other projects that calls for a ring to be made. This is  my first video, ever.. sorry for talking so fast, and crocheting so fast, also for moving out of the picture way.. but hopefully the next ones will be better!! Interested in seeing other techniques? comment me!
Here are better pictures of the bookmarks. The pattern will be $1 and will be for sale, no later than Feb.1

Here is a bookmark i made for my SIL from the pattern:
My next projects are probably going to be a dragon plushy sewn  and another crochet square bag.  using: and maybe having a blue jean liner and handle to it... well, thats the plan.. wither or not it turns out that way will be seen.
I think that is all for today, thanks for stopping by, comment if there is anything you would like to see!! ~hazel~crochetamommy

Flower Bookmark Set- 4 patterns

Hello to all! I hope you are all having a good day. I just finished creating a new set of patterns, they are being tested, then i will release them.!
Number 2 and 4 are my fave!! i will be making more of these bookmarks to sell, and i already have a few more patterns for another set to sell also. They are fast and easy to make and the patterns are gonna be low priced as well! When i post the patterns for sell, i will have a picture tutorial on how i like to start the rings at the beginning.
My Valentines Day Gift basket raffle is still underway- $4 in the raffle right now.  $1 per ticket. 

Valentines Day Basket Raffle is OPEN!

Valentines Day Basket Raffle is now open!!
Here are the items that will come in the basket: 2- blue Chocolate-Peppermint Truffle scent candles
3- red Baked Cinnamon Roll candles
Optional: winner has option to have candles re-made without scent.

 1 half apron, measuring: 18in wide by 15.5in tall
Material is Pink sparkle burst with glitter for main apron, and ruffle/waistband is white with little hearts.

 2 hand knitted cloths made from Cotton Fleece. great for using in the kitchen (i use mine all the time.)
The square one measures 9in by 9in. the heart measures 7in wide by  5in tall.

 My son insisted on making a beaded snake to throw in the basket.

1 crochet animal: an adorable little lamb made with pink and purple acyrlic yarn.
with beaded eyes, not for little babies.
measures: 4in sitting up.

I also have a valentines day card i am in the process of making that will be optional to the winner.

$1.00 for a raffle ticket. buy as many as you wish, your name will be put
into the basket as…

Valentines day basket and news..

hello everyone! i am working on the basket, promise! i hoped to have it finished by the 15th (jan) but dont know if i will have it done today, due to My father-in-law is having severe health issues...

I have the apron made, need good pictures taken of it by hubby in the day time.

I have one of the stuff animals made- Valentine the lamb (will try to make another animal, depend on how things go)

I have 2 butterfly candles made- a blue one and a red one

i am working on knitting the first dishcloth, half way done with it...

I now, hope to have things done and take a picture to open the raffle, no later than Jan. 20. and keep the raffle going until Feb. 3.

Tickets will be $1.00. will have all the final info when i have the basket completed with awesome pictures!

just wanted to give everyone an update.


Valentines Day Gift Basket Idea

I had this idea last night, mentioned it to my sister-in-law, she loved it.. but wanted to get others thoughts and if others would be interested in taking part...

I am thinking of making a Valentines day gift basket, and putting it up for raffle.. using a number generator..  the basket will be in a cute little wicker basket, with a half apron , 2 crochet dish clothes, a butterfly homemade candle and a card (optional) and depending on how many entries, a little crochet bunny/bear. everything will be made by me.

thinking of $1.00 per entry... is that too high? or need to be higher, i hope to make everything with the fabric/yarn/wax i already have..  and depending on how many entries i get, the shipping will be free, if i get enough to cover it. (will ship USPS Priority Flat Rate Medium box $11) US entries only, unless international entries are willing to cover complete shipping cost. (so, i really have no extra money at all... would love to offer free shipping to all, but i…

Lisle Cowl and new adventures..

Hello to all!!  A few things i wanted to talk about today. I finished that pattern test for the cowl to go with the red wrist warmers i made back at the beginning of  Dec 2012.Also, have been introduce to a new branch of crocheting, hair-pin lace.
Lisle cowl  Needs buttons, and i will have better pictures taken when i find some.. will upload link for pattern, once it is available. 
Hair pin lace video!!  Very clear, and greatly described. I love all their videos! 
I do not have a loom yet.. gonna search and see if have one in all my craft stuff laying around...

Thats really all i had to bring up for today.. thanks for taking the time to stop by and read!

Pretty sunset joined with crafts.

Pretty sunset, coming home from town on Jan.3,2013
Hello to all. Thanks for stopping by! I have a few items to show that i have made!

Made from tutorial on a brother LS2350 model machine and some left over fabric.
took me a few hours over two nights to make it.
First time ever making a ruffle.
Im really happy with how it turned out. Not bad for another attempt at

And.. to finish my second square for Jan.
Kiss- First square

Coming up next, should be, 1. a test pattern to match some wrist warmers i made a few months ago. 2. probably another sewing project, either a plushie or another apron. Thats it for now, thanks for reading, if you have any requests, suggestions or comment, please feel free to!

January 1 2013

hello to all. i hope all had a wonderful and safe Happy New Year! I started the new year doing something i love, crocheting. who could ask for anything more? I joined the 2013 BAMCAL ( block a month crochet along) ive tried last year with hopes of making myself a blanket, which i have yet to do during my whole time crocheting... well maybe this year.
12" granny square pattern^ I hope you all have a good day, thanks for reading and visiting!  ~hazel