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surrounded by lady bugs!

Hello to all! Thank you for stopping by......i redesigned my lady bug pattern...still not 100% happy, but results are still cute! Here was the first re-do version:

And, this one was following my pattern while instead of crocheting the spots, i just embroidered the spots.

That's all for today, not sure im going to leave it at this out not, still have the blanket to do and some more booties and hats!

~ hazel

lady bug and more boots

Hello to all! I'm working on some lady bug appliques, this is the first version, working on another one coming soon.

I've also made another pair of boots, these are like the ones i gifted last week.

Thanks for stopping by, hopefully will be back shortly than later! ~ hazel~ crochetamommy

baby boots, baby booties, baby, baby, baby

Hello to all!!!
I think i am getting back into crocheting again.. ive had a long break from it time for cleaning, gaming, exercising...
now back to business, lol
I have come across, again, a wonderful baby pattern i adore I have made 3 different sets lately, all complete different color choices...2 i have pictures of,  1 i gifted without getting one...
The first was from the Harley Davidson baby theme set 
and now the third pair is name Napoleon booties:

  3.75 in long x 2in wide x 3in tall  white,pink,brown
pattern: baby-boots by Linda Cyr
Crochet with H hook and red heart super saver yarn.  i modified them, i did step 7 as written, Step 8-9: Fpdc and Bpdc for ribbing. then finished off.  no ties needed. :)
I do see many more coming, as babys spring up..  also, hoping to do some charity work and give them away where needed. if you know any groups that need baby hats or booties please leave comment.
Next on list, a baby blanket in "pink,white,brown" color theme and maybe l…

Baby Blanket and Boot booties

Just finished a cute little project, a motorcycle theme blanket and baby booties!!

blanket measures 39in wide. booties are 3.5in long