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Quilled Teddy Bear Pattern

Hello to All!!  I have for you,  a quilled pattern of a teddy bear with a balloon.
My son and myself came up with it! Materials: we used construction paper that has been ran through a shredder they measure 12in by 1/4in. 10 brown - 12in strips 4 brown- 6in strips 2 red- 12in strips (balloon) 2 pink - 12in strips (balloon) 2 pink- 3in strips 2 black - 1.5 in strips Now, glue- 3 strips of brown together at the end, making one long piece for the body 2 strips of brown glued together for the head 1 strip of 12in and 1 strip of 6in of brown together for legs (make 2) 1 strip of 6in brown and 3 in of pink together for the ears (make 2)  1 strip of red and 1 strip of 12in pink together for the balloon (make 2)  a great site to help with the shapes is Paper Quilling Instructions

Body: Bunny Ear or Shield shape Head: loose closed coil Legs: bunny ear or shield shape Arms: teardrop ears: half moon or crescent shape  muzzle: a tight coil, that is slightly loosened eyes: tight coil Balloon is …

A little of this, A little of that

Hello to all!! I have been around.. but I have been crafting, a lot!
Also, i will be re-arranging my pages on here, doing a complete overhaul  and re-organizing somethings, adding somethings..
So, let the show begin!
I crochet this square for my blanket, I am behind for the last couple of months,  but my son bought me this yarn for mother's day, and i knew i had to make this square with it!

I have also been sewing, I made my son this apron, out of an old long sleeve shirt, that he will not be able to wear in the coming  winter. He likes to do dishes with me, and like myself, he makes a huge mess with the water...

Speaking of my son, we also quilled this week. 
Also,  I have digitally drawn and colored this bear It took about an hour!
I made this dishcloth as a swifter pad  for my swifter that i used on my kitchen floor, that way i can toss in the washer. Uses a dshcloth pattern from Melissa green, that is currently being tested adapted by me to fit the swifter.

I think that is a…

My latest...

Hello to all!
Today, i have some candles ive made.. here is a cute little 1.5in flower candle burning. I love the flower shadow it created!

^ Here is my mother's day gift to my mom I already given them to her and cooked out for her!

Here is a flower applique and square i created today  as a prize for a friend on dA for winning a contest! measures 5in wide, will be a free pattern
and last, i lined and colored the chibi spyro i am so proud of the way he turned out!
Thats about it for today, i guess.. Also, to all the mothers out around the world, Have a Wonderful and Happy mothers day!  Thank you for all that you do! ~hazel~crochetamommy

Birthday cat, more plants and a drawing..

Hello to all! I have a few different things to share with you today! thanks for stopping by and taking a look.
First off, is. My brother in laws girlfriend's birthday is today,  so, my mother in law wanted me to make something for her as a gift. and.. here is what i made for her to give to this really sweet, quite girl..
Im not absolutely in love with this kitty.. but i do think its on the cute side.. also, i created that bow tie, will be writing it down and offering it as a free pattern!
and my sister in law and i both decided to go in on our gifts,  and i made these:
They smell so awesome! like.. Cinnamon buns! a nice little set, right?
and before i made those cute orange candles,  i had a little wax left over from previous candles made,  so, i made these:
cute little 1.5in wide flower candles.. and they burn for approx..2hours.. 
Yesterday, I decided to try to plant more flowers..  and give it a go.. we have 1. Skyscraper sunflowers 2. bachelor buttons 3. columbine dragonfly h…

Planting, potholders and squirrels

Hello to all! My hubby bought me some flower seeds and some pots to plant my own flowers! He knows i love to be outside and love flowers! I just hope i can get them to grow... today, my son asked (made me) to plant something so, we planted 2 skyscraper sunflower seeds
so, hopefully it will grow, and i can take some update pictures if this takes well, i have some other flowers i am going to be planting!
and today, i made my sister in law a pot holder, after she *hinted*  at me crocheting her something for the kitchen.. lol. so, here is a pot holder i made while testing a pattern out  for melissa green. i will link when available.
 Front ^  and back below
and i said.. Squirrels.. i had two that was out playing/eating on our shed.. and i managed to get pics of both all pictures have been taken through a glass window/glass door.
 ^First little squirrel, only let me get one picture ^
 Second little squirrel liked having his taken.. i took.. 15 pictures of him in all, i think..
So, i think…

Rain, Rain, go away, but until you do.. look at what i made!

Hello to all! Ive been a little busy crafting, some crochet, some sewing..  some new projects, some old projects.
Here is the crochet doily i was working on for my father in law's table: Blue Rose Doily
I worked on that a few hours each day this week.. and enjoyed making it, was soothing and emotional.
now,  a zippered bag with many pockets for my mother to match her Dale Jr. bag i made.
And right off my machine:
all designed and created by me!!  without a pattern! can you believe it? i cant.. lol i so want to keep it..  but i cant, momma is giving to coworker. 
That has been what i have been up to, when i have been able to craft. :)
Despite it raining, I am in the best mood i have been in, in the last 3 weeks.. only time can help the grieving. Thank you for stopping by, I hope to have some more crochetings up, maybe some more sewing,  even some drawing.. we will see. ~hazel~crochetamommy