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Bringing in a New Year 2017

Hello everyone! I can not believe it's been since September since I've posted! I guess that's what happens when your lifestyle changes! Going from stay at home mom to working mom has been so busy and tiring!  I've not had a bunch of time to craft or the energy, but I will show what I have been up to....

 This is an ornament that I made for secret Santa coworker ornament exchange. She loves hunting!

 ^A rose from my mom's garden, it was too beautiful to pass up taking a photo!
 ^A page from a coloring book and pen set that was gifted by an awesome friend!
Our family's newest obsession. Yes, a little late to the bandwagon but we have always been Pokemon fans!

Thanks for stopping by, I hope to post at least weekly again, and you never know what's going to come!

Be safe, have fun, and enjoy the new year!