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Happy Halloween!

Hello to all!!!! Just wanted to pop in and say "Happy Halloween!!!" My favorite holiday of the year! I love the costumes, the magic, the colors, the candy.. and best of all my anniversary!

I have not been crafting much, still, but i have worked out a sample block for a baby blanket i will be making by the first of the year... and turned that sample block into a baby bib to match the blanket when it is finished!!

It has been a while since i have knitted changing colors.. i need to loosen my tension up some so i dont get that "pull" in the middle that you see. This was my first time knitting in button holes.. and i even knitted a button to use!

This time of year, i start getting busy... usually... so i should be around more often!!

Thanks for stopping by!! Hope you all have a safe and very enjoyable holiday weekend!!


SpongeBob Square Pants.... yep, im back..

Hello to all!!! I know, I know, I have been missing in action... Between falling twice within the last month, and both times hurting my wrists, shoulder and back i have not been able to craft as much as i wanted too.. and with that, it came to me not wanting to craft at all when i started feeling better.....
but.. I AM OKAY now. not hurting or anything, nothing serious... and I AM BACK TO CRAFTING...
I just finished a crocheting commission for a spongebob squarepants purse for a little girls birthday.  it measures 7in wide by 11in tall (just the bag, not the strap)
I did not design the bag, i found a free pattern and changed it to my needs. I did crochet the tie from my mind though...
Now, Im needing to do the ninja turtle, and probably gonna have some candles made soon..
after that, more baby items at the first of the year!!! 
Thanks for stopping by. I am sorry for such a long wait on the update. ~hazel~crochetamommy