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Current projects

hello to all!!!
thought i'd stop by and show you what ive been doing lately..
still working on the white/light green/dark green blanket.
did a test crochet square:
and made some origami crane earrings:

currently working on another Minion case,  testing my pattern i wrote,  to be release to public soon!!!!
that is about all. im sure ive done other things.. just cant think of it at the moment..
Thanks for stopping by!! updates hopefully to be resuming back to normal.. soon.. ~hazel~crochetamommy

Candles.. and a start..

Hello to all!!!
I did make some candles the other day.. i reused some wax i had from other burnt candles.  melted it down and reused some tea light candle cups...
yes, the big one is in a mold, i have to do another pouring in it.. ran out of wax. :)
next ones, will be freshly made from new wax with different colors, shapes and sizes. .lol
and what im working on now, another blanket... this one knitted!! and BRIGHT!
pattern: Treasured Heirloom Baby blanket
looks pretty and simple as a solid, and these were the colors requested, so.. i thought it will spruce the pattern up!!!!
Thats whats going on now... up next.. more knitting.. crocheting.. maybe some origami and more candles... with me, you never know!!!