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Last post of the year, a catch up of projects!

Hello to all!!!
This post is going to catch up on my projects i have complete recently, its going to be a long one!
I have some many items i have made, and that i am trying to finish!
I hope Christmas was well to all, everyone was merry and enjoyed it safely.
on to the projects!
Here is my Elsa doll i crochet. I love the way she came out. easily my best project design i created in a long time. I have the pattern tested out, i need to design my own snowflake for the shawl. that is the only thing that is pending on this pattern being released!

She stands almost 10in tall!
After Elsa, i made a mermaid: from my own design, but it was more of a fail, and not exactly as i wanted.

Mermaid measures 12in tall
So, back to the drawing board, with a little design help, I created this:
She also measures about 12in. and was giving to the  same little girl that received Elsa!
After that, we found another hobby or two for my son and myself to do together: rubber band looms and perler beads.
 ^ my …

Latest project, wip project and fall pictures!!!

Hello to all!!!!
Thanks for stopping in!!! Today, i have for you my latest project, a wip project (im writing my own pattern for) and some lovely fall pictures!!!
so... lets get this started!
I started writing this pattern down, but i tend to do each tentacle different, so stopped writing. the pitchfork has wire to help it stand and keep shape. measures: approx 5in tall.  the yarn is a dark burgundy color, but the sun light makes it look like this!
The project i am working on for a Christmas gift,  and while taking a break from knitting. is an Elsa doll, but i am writing my own pattern here is a sneak peak
While i was outside taking pictures of the devil-puss i decided i havent even carried my camera out at all yet, this fall, so.. here are some fall pictures and some of my babies..

This flower vine blooms in fall, and is green during winter.. but come spring and summer.. it is just brown vines.. I have it wrapped around my porch, its very lovely when all in bloom.
Ok, that is it fo…

News, and a yarn giveaway entry

Hello to all!!!
I have some news to share.. its life change coming in the new year.. lol
I am going back to school. I will be going to the local tech college for... dental assisting.
I am super excited to go back to school to learn a career. But, im super scared. It has been a long time since ive been out away from the home.
I will continue to homeschool my son, he is also having a change coming Jan.  he will be enrolled to online public school for the first time in his life.
That is the reason i havent been crafting much lately, between rushing to get paper work finished and turned in, to calling and making meetings, to stressing about everything..
Luckily, I have my Sister in law who is going back to school too, which has been wonderful in helping me get everything together and is helping keep me straight.
her blog, she just started is:
Stay at home mom
but, between now and jan 12, i am going to do my hardest to craft as much as i can!!!
Also... Red Heart Yarns and Happily Hooked ma…