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Catch up and Recent origami

Hello to all!!
Thank you for stopping by.
I know that i have not updated in the last few weeks, been really busy with studying, home life and crafting.
Lets start with the origami that I have been folding lately: Now, digital arts: drawn from youtube video: and here are my lines colored:
I have started knitting this winter's fingerless mitts: Also, I know you have all been waiting on my teeth...
And lastly, a beautiful picture of some pretty pink flowers:

I hope you enjoyed!!!  Have a safe work week a head!! ~hazel~crochetamommy

Origami anyone?

hello to all!!!
The other day, We found an 2014  Origami Fold-a-day Calendar for .99 at goodwill!!
It was brand new! it has beautiful paper with instructions for daily (except sundays) origami creations. 
I am using my own origami paper that was gifted, that way i can save the instructions for later when i want to make more!
So far, these are what I have made since we bought it:
Rocker bird
Also this past week,  I have made a fleece blanket with a crochet border for my husband's physical therapist, Her daughter is turning 1 next month and today was our last day of appts. She was really sweet and made the long trip and the ordeal where we  could handle it all.  I totally forgot to take a picture between the night before and packing it this morning.. But, I have plenty of the fleece left, and yarn, with plans to make another one!!
Coming up.. TEETH!!!! thats all the hints you get.. dum, dum, dummmm 
Thank you for stopping by, I hoped you enjoyed! ~hazel~crochetam…

The last two weeks...

Hello to all!!
So, i have gotten behind on posting..
Last Saturday i turned 30! it was a wonderful weekend! I celebrated with my mother on Saturday and then my boys took me out Sunday.
I have a wonderful feeling for the year ahead!
I was also surprised by my penpal from Germany, who ordered me flowers.

 These pictures were taken about 4 days after I got them.  so they have started wilting..
They are so beautiful!!
And this week... I had a new tooth come in... my wisdom tooth on my bottom right side.. lets talk about PAINFUL!
Thanks for stopping by.  I hope to have more things up within the next few weeks!!