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A square and origami

Hello to all!!!!
Just wanted to share what i just finished...
crocheting and origami!
pattern:  firenze-afghan-block spike ball tutorial for my son.
 here are some characters i drew while having drawing time with my son. we use Dragoart it is an awesome site for drawing tutorials!!
^ had this little friend crawling around on my counter the other night.. i guess seeking warmth during the cold!
Thats it for today!!! ~hazel~crochetamommy

baby sleep suit

Hello to all!!!
Just off the needles..
^folded in half ^
 ^all folded nice and neat with sleeves tucked inside^
and i was in an origami mood,  so i decided to make these, dont know if im actually gonna use this as a card  for baby showers or not.
which one do you like best?
Thats what ive been up to since the last post!!! next up, finishing the blanket, maybe more origami and a few quite drawsings.. thanks for stopping by!! ~hazel~crochetamommy

hi there!!! **waves**

Hello to all!!!
Im here.. i promise..
Just barely been crafting lately..
but here are some things i have done in my blog absents 
here is a 12in square for a blanket i am making: Free SmoothFox's Lemony Lime Citrus Square 12x12 pattern
and some 6in squares i will put together to form 12in.
MaryEllen’s Easy Daisy Granny Square
Windflower Square
6" Forever Lace Block
And my latest creation:
I made this for my son while he was sick. its a case for his leapPad 2. the eye also is a storage for his game cartilages.  I did write the pattern and have it available  for testing before i  make available.
also been making origami lately..

I do have more craft items coming up, finishing the blanket finishing the sleep suit and probably more origami or maybe drawings coming up!!!
Thanks for stopping by! ~hazel~crochetamommy

Hello 2014!!!!

Hello to all!
I hope the new year is off to a good start for you!
Ive already started a few projects that need to be started!
a baby sleep gown, which i hope will be big enough,  if not, there will be a preemie some where that needs it.
 All i need to do is add the sleeves, should pick up stitches today to start them.
next, ive started making a 6in square to piece together to form a  baby blanket. here is the first square:

and just because im not able to keep my hands from folding anything i can, a crane made from a "Goody's" headache powder paper..
this is crane #9,  so 991 more to go before i can make a wish to come true.  LOL.

More updates soon, plus a nice video to learn to do Kitchner stitch with a knit needle instead of sewing needle.
Thanks for stopping by! ~hazel