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A really big lost in my life and to the world

I know i havent been around, while, usually i have plenty of excuses.. but this time,
Its because i lost my Nana, my mother's mother on May 4, 2016.
We werent close growing up, but she was always around and just recently, over the last year and a half  we have become close,  talking a few times over a couple of weeks seeing each other more, even the very last time i saw her was on my son's birthday a mere week before she died.
She is greatly missed and will always be remembered.
I am finishing up my last semester of school to become a dental assistant.   So far, for clinics, i have helped out at an general dentist, orthodontist, endodontist, pediodontist,  And i have to say, my very favorite is a tie between Endodontist and the Orthodontist 
I have also been crafting and coloring during my free time.  some digital, some traditional in an adult coloring book..

Colored by me:

Some that i have drawn, some i colored as well:

Ok, I think this is a catch up on what i have been doing since my last pos…