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Hello to all!!!
wow... I have finished the 11 name embroidered drawstring bags.. but i totally didnt take a picture..  i miss placed my mind.. lol
I did get the 3 sashay scarves and the baby boy lamb blanket finished on time.

blanket was 26in wide.
and i have 3/5 sashay scarves and FSU scarf  done that is due by 12/23

 had a little left over, so i made a hair scrunchie!!!

looking forward to a long Christmas break though!!
If i dont get back here before Christmas, I hope everyone has a Very Merry Chirstmas Happy Holidays and a Wonderful Season Greetings. be safe and have fun! ~hazel

Bag progress and Scarves

Hello to all!!!
Im here to give an update.. ive been a busy bee!!
I now have 7 bags completely ready to be grommetted and for the drawstrings to be put in..
All the names are embroidered!!!  have 1 bag almost completed to add to the pile, and then 3 more that completely need to be sewn and a liner put in...
will be done hopefully by tomorrow, Friday at latest!!!
Also, on my other commission,
3 Scarves and a baby boy lamb lovey.. have the scarves completed, materials bought for lovey to start tonight or  tomorrow.

Thats about all for now!!! should have another update in a day or two!
thanks for stopping by! ~hazel~crochetamommy

Scarf colors

Needed to post colors of the scarf yarn i have. Main picture with all in them:
the one i have started:
close up on 4 out of 5 colors 
 close up on other one.
the colors with a 2 are the ones i have 2 balls of.

Bags 4 and 5 with a birthday card

Hello to all!
Update: have 6/11 names done. 5 bags complete  (except for grommets, which did not arrive today..)

 Here is a card i started drawing for my penpal's bday back in Nov. Just finished last night. drawn in sketchbook and lined with marker. :)

Thats about it for today.  I hope the grommets come in tomorrow, i should be completely done by end of next week!!

3rd bag and orgami

Hello to all!!
I am still sick.. but i am getting better.. thankfully!!
I completed the third bag and im now working on the fourth, should be done tonight!
Should have the grommets for the handles tomorrow!!!!
i love this time of year.. the candy wrappings are so cute... and this is what i do to them:

last year i used the wrappers to make flowers.. this year i changed it up!
I'll have more to come!!
Thanks for stopping by! ~hazel~crochetamommy

New Pattern- Kids fingerless mitts- FREE!

Hello to all!
Im sick.. coughing, sneezing, runny nose.. its awful..
but i still seem to get things done..
My 12in blanket square is ready to be tested,
also, i made a really easy knitting pattern for kids fingerless mitts. pattern is for free, and will be put in my patterns section!

So, hopefully i'll feel better tomorrow to resume work on the bags, i did order the grommets from online this morning,  should have them next week, hopefully i'll have most of the names embroidered by the time they come!
Thanks for stopping by, hope everyone is doing well. ~hazel~crochetamommy

Bag 2 completed

Hello to all!
Thought i would update the bags im working on.
Ive finished cutting all the outside fabric, good news, i dont have to buy more and i have some extra left over!
Going today to buy the last remaining item needed to complete the bags. Working on name #3.
Here is the second one at 98% completion:

I can say 2 things about this project: 1) im learning a lot about how to embroider the letters, and patience that is needed to do so.
2) im getting way more exercise than normal, due that i am constantly standing to cut fabric and some sewing as well.
So far, im doing way better than i expected! I hope to get them all completed in the next 2 weeks. Just in time for Christmas!!!
Thanks for stopping by. Feel free to comment!!

First Bag, 98% complete

Hello to all!!
Quick update:  I have 1 bag 98% complete.  All i have to do is buy some grommets  (metal washer thingies i can run the drawstring through)
Other than that, here it is:

I am loving the material. There is also a black liner for the inside. :)
1 down, 10 more to go! :)
Thanks for stopping by! ~hazel~crochetamommy

Bags, Cranes and Bees

Hello to all!
Have an update report on the bags.  I have finished all 11 liners.  now, to embroider the names on the outside and put  all together!!
on other news:
Of all the origami ive made over the years,  ive never made a crane.. until yesterday.

while outside taking a picture of that, I had a little friend that had to get his picture taken:

Thats about it for today! thanks for stopping by!