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Week 3, Monday- Blanket, sewing, drawing

Hello to all!
Yes, im a day late, but it is also a holiday, so no school!
So, here is what i have done this week, and will be doing next week!
i have finished 4/5 blocks on the knitted baby blanket! now the next row should go fast, because of the colorwork, its hard to put down. I have already been smart.. i have been weaving the color change ends in already instead of waiting until last min, as i usually do.!.
Today, for my first crafty time for myself this week, i drawn Uta from an anime show. tutorial from
and for craft time next week, along with the blanket, i get to make another welders cap!  this one is going to be camo/skulls reversible. 
My first week at school was hectic, trying to get in the swing of things, and my son's was a little crazy as well,  but, I know we can do this, and its only going to get better from here!
Also, here is a video i found and loved last month when  i was working on my crochet dolls. Its a great tutorials about adding faces to dol…

Jan. 11 - week 2 of the year! blanket, hat, sunset

Hello to all!!!
This week i have finished sewing the welding cap finished block 3/5 of baby blanket and finished and oil pastel drawing.

 pattern on blog: ricochetandaway
tutorial: Return to home
and school starts this week coming up!!
So excited and scared!
Will update mid week or next sunday!!
Wishing best of luck, fun and safety in the up coming week!!

Sunday, Jan 4- week 1 of 2015

Hello to all!! Welcome to the new year!  I hope everyone has plans to improve themselves and the world around. I fully believe its a new beginning each year!
This year, as always, will focus on being healthy and doing the best i can to improve our futures!
So far this week I have worked and almost finished the 3rd out of 5 rows of blocks on the  knitted baby blanket. (will post picture when i start on the 4th row)
I have began sewing welding caps for my cousin. Last year i made him a few and he requested more. Almost done with cap #1. (will post picture when finished)
I received some oil pastels and pastel paper as a gift and i have found a wonderful tutorial on youtube to make a beautiful sunset scene.  I do hope to attempt this soon.
I am getting all the finishing touches done for the school my son is entering, and my own schooling. We are both excited, while scared at the same time of the changes!
I am going to attempt to post at least weekly here,  if not only just for an update,…