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Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy and be safe!!!

Hello to all!!!!
Just wanted to stop in and wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. I hope you are all having fun with family, friends and others during this thankful time!!!!
Also, wanted to post an update picture of the knitted baby blanket. I have 2/5 rows done. 
I love the way knitted blankets look and feel... but.. I am an extremely slow knitter!!!!  in an hour i get about 5 to 6 rows done... and each block is 40 rows.. so... doing the math.. it takes about 8 to 9 hours to complete a row of blocks.. 
but i do enjoy knitting.. just slow at it. lol 
We are having a really good Thanksgiving, at home with our small family, while my son is helping me cook every dish of the meal,  while completely mixing the cake by himself.
Off to put icing on the cake while finishing up the sides to enjoy the food  and being thankful for everyone and everything in my life.

Edit: Earlier i posted this entry, but since then, i colored my picture i drawn of Elsa


Elsa and candles!!

Hello to all!!
I have finished a few more projects i would like to show!!
 Snow Queen Elsa- FROZEN is drawn in my sketchbook, outlined with sharpie marker. used tutorial from

 I had bought 2 containers a long time ago. I have been using them as molds for candles but decided to actually turn them into candles.

My mom had given me these wine glasses a good bit ago. just  now using them.  the are lavender colored with vanilla scent. The scent smells just like the aroma from cooking a yellow cake in the oven, its so awesome!!! 
I really enjoy getting back to drawing and candle making...
next time, more progress pictures of the blanket!
Thanks for stopping by! Have a safe and a happy holiday season! ~hazel~crochetamommy

Crown baby blanket WIP

Hello to all! Not much to report in, but i have been working on this baby blanket. Also, i have worked on it more, so that the next row of blocks are about half way finished! Will update in a few days!
I have also started drawing a picture.. It seems the whole world has gone Frozen crazed.. it was a cute movie, my family really liked the music from it.  so.. can you guess who im drawing?
Coming up,  I just got a new commission, hopefully to be done by Christmas, and a project i am working on to send to a friend of a friend, who maybe my friend too.. lol
Hope everyone stays safe and happy during the holiday season. Remember, its a time for giving.!. thanks for stopping by! ~hazel~crochetamommy

Turtle and blanket start

Hello to all! Ive finally finished something! Lol.

Stands 10in tall!
And on my knitting needles, a baby blanket!
Next up, work on the blanket, some gloves for me and my son, then... who knows?

Thanks for stopping by!