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Dedication To My Loving Aunt

Hello to all!
Thank you for stopping by.
This update, I wanted to show a sun catcher  that I painted in the memory of my aunt  who passed away November 21, 2015
She loved owls, and every time I seen them I always thought of her. and now..
I will hang this and remember.
She came into the family when i was young and at first, I didnt like her, but i didnt know her and she was replacing the  aunt that i had known. but over the years.. She showed she was loving, patient and just wasnt going anywhere.. Oh how i have grown to love her.
She loved Phil Collins.  and I will always think of her when i hear him.

and.. when i used to spend the weekends over there,  while we were the only ones up, oh so late at night.. she had me hooked on...
Red Dwarf IMDB
Her viewing was tonight, as i barely caught a glimpse, I realized that was not the last memory i would have of her.
Thank you for stopping by and listening to my dedication. ~hazel~crochetamommy

Soap Feature and this week's update..

Hello to all!
Thank you for stopping by,  I realized i was updating regularly and then just.. fell of the face of the earth? But with stress and life.. Sometimes i dont do anything to show, other times i do crafts and things, but no time to show..
I have several things to picture that my son and myself have made over the last few weeks.. 
This is what i have to show since the last blog:
I digitally outlined of a drawing from  Bhudicae dA
also, a little late on the coloring: lineart from:  Chibivi-Linearts dA
now.. for the soap feature!!!
My friend from dA sells handmade soaps.. they are wonderful and she has been known to have deals running!
here is her facebook link: bhudicaes bath
here are some of her items!! ^I love these, arent they cute? ^
^ seems so relaxing, eh? ^
^ how precious? ^
^ ive tried this and completely love it!! I want more!!!! ^
^see, not just soaps!!! ^

and i sent these to some friends for easter b/c they were on sale!!
I urge you to go check her out!!!!
Thanks for …

Friday 13th- Already November 2015?

Hello to all! I know, i am behind.. but i am being busy.. between  school and life..
Not much to say today, but i do have a lot to show that i have been doing over the last month
I have colored: (not drawn, but colored) and I owe an online friend from dA a feature of her shop and soaps she makes,  I finally finished the 2 caps for her that i traded for some soaps. and i also lined her sketch, here is the line art,  Bhudicae deviant art
The feature will come next week!
Thank you for stopping by, hope things are going well It hard to believe it is the holiday season again... Be thankful for everything you have in your life. :) ~hazel~crochetamommy