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Finish out January

Hello to all!
Jan. 2017 is almost over, have you kept your resolutions? Did you make any? I just had goals for daily life and well being...
Its a everyday decision to better myself and others around me.
This week, I bring you some drawings, colorings and some more crochet!!
Lets start with the crochet, 
I made this cutie after i started a totally different pattern that had an  error in it, so i started this: Pattern: heart-cactus-amigurumi

And for a crochet group that i am apart of on deviantArt
i made:

Samantha is 8in tall, 8in long and 6in wide.
She longs to spend her winters on the shores, but atlas she is doomed to spend
them in the cold, dry woodlands.

As a family, we love, love... i mean LOVE pokemon!!!
Pokemon go, pokemon online tcg, pokemon episodes, everything!!!!
So, a friend of mine drew this picture, and I had to color it...
its is known as a pokemon fusion...
a fusion between 2 pokemon..
I had so much fun!!
For the new year, i opened my first grou…

Hows January going?

Hello to all! thanks for stopping by!!! A little late of an update... but here is what i have been doing!!

Pattern found here: dachshund Made for a coworker's mother who is ill. Wanted to let them know i was thinking about them and  wishing her a speedy recovery!!
Also I have been:
Drawing: used youtube channel Fun2Draw for tutorial:
I also colored it!

and colored last post's picture of the peacock:
Thats all for this update, hopefully to come will show more crochet maybe some candle or soap making.. or who knows????
Be safe, have fun and enjoy life! Thanks for stopping by! ~hazel~crochetamommy

This week's line arts to color!

Hello to all! Welcome back. It seems im starting this year off with drawing and coloring line art!
Drawn this little guy from the video:

I loved the way he turned out, so i created a color line art 

Next, I drew some of the canine family:


and finally, this cutie!!

I have had a lot of fun drawing from these videos, and creating such cute line art to color myself and for others!! I am in the process of coloring the peacock!!
This is a work in progress from my coloring book that i use during my lunch hour. 
Thanks for stopping by, I hope that you enjoyed!! Be safe, have fun and enjoy life! ~hazel~ crochetamommy

Off to a colring start!!

^ line art drawn by me using:
my coloring version: with my own background!
I had so much coloring rarity, i had to draw fluttershy: my colored version: I painted the background and made the butterfly brush myself~

Ive had lots of fun drawing, lining and coloring these pieces!! feel free to color, please comment with a link, I would love to see it!!