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Loom little pretties.

Hello to all!!! 
Feb. is almost gone, can you believe it? I can't.
In school, our mid terms is upon us, and the work.. oh the work.....
but, i have squeezed a little time to create something... 
this by myself: using a crochet hook as the loom from this video:

after that, we went and bought a wonder loom from walmart (under $13) and my son and myself made: he's so cute and squishy!
we used this video:
both videos really helpful! we had lots of fun, and i know we will be doing more craft projects using rubberbands and looms!!!
I have started on the diaper bag, mostly cutting material, but school work has been #1, before any crafting!!!
I hope you have a wonderful week ahead, be safe and have fun! Thanks for stopping by, hope you enjoyed. ~hazel~crochetamommy

dragon and diaper bag

Hello to all!!!
I hope you all had a good week, mine was pretty good...
I drew this in my sketchbook, tutorial from used oil pastels and a q-tip to smooth and blend them.

Next project i'll be starting and working on is due before April My cousin has two little boys, and she is now expecting a little girl!!!! so, she asked if i would make a diaper bag!!!!
here is a picture of the fabric,  (she requested the pink camo) the camo is going to be on the outside, probably going to add some jean material  for the bottom and to coordinate with it.
hugs, kiss, and love print is going to be inside the bag. I loved it time i seen the print!! so, last night i sat down and sketched out a pattern for the bag i want to make. I find it easier to draw what i want when sewing the bags now, ive followed many patterns and instructions, but always seem to tweek them somehow anyhow..
I am super super excited to see how this bag works out. I do plan to embroider the first initial on the fla…

Welding caps, Poetry, more...

Hello to all!!!

I have finished the welding caps I have been working on.

Also, I had my first assignment work 15% of my grade due and I just recevied my grade: 100!

here is the poem I had to write, based off of George Ella Lyon.

I am From
Hazel Stewart

I am from ruffling Strawberry Shortcake curtains,
From being surrounded by Mighty Morphing Power Rangers and Hotwheels.
I am from the thread barren carpet,
From smoothly laminated storage holding ceramic ware.
I am from round sweet smelling blues whose juices still make my lips raise in
     a smile.

I'm from long winding dirt roads and railroad timbered barns
From Andre and Fredia.
I'm from overfilled saw horse tables overlaid with mouthwatering food.
From giving thanks with no less than fifty, and the running, pushing, shoving
     and shouting of football.
I'm from weekends with late midnight gatherings and long celebrating holiday
     parties with aunts, uncles, cousins and more.

I'm from "you talk too much" and "…

Baby Blanket FINISHED!

Hello to all!!!
I am so sorry to not post in 2 weeks now, 
but, progress to post..

measures 30in by 36in.  pattern: the-little-prince-princess
I have not did much of anything in crafty over the last 2 weeks between  working on this and my school work increasing.
Coming up: 2 welding caps maybe a wedding sash drawings/paintings, candles, crochet...
Thanks for stopping by! ~hazel~crochetamommy