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Catch up.. journal entry, digital art.. etc..

Hello to all!  Thank you for stopping by, I know that I am late with this post, I was studying very hard last weekend for my first Anatomy Test.  And this weekend, again, studying for a test, this time over 2 chapters..  So, I may move my update days to Thursday or Fridays.
For my college success class, I have to write a journal entry every two weeks, I wanted to share with you all.  This is the second week of class. I am pretty sure it is going to be a good semester. I received my first test grade from Structure and Function (anatomy class). I made an 100 on the first chapter test. I am so happy, I studied very hard for it. I am preparing for the next test over Ch. 2 & 3 for next week. I am also glad that I am taking college success. I feel that insight the class can provide will help me manage my classes and my work environment. I am so glad my son is out of school for the summer. I am a stay at home mom and I homeschool him. I feel that I need to take all the time that I can for my an…

Prayer Angel

Hello to all.
I am late posting this week because we had a death in the family.
I made this prayer angel for my nana, her partner died Friday.
In remembrance of Bill.
Not much to add this week. Summer Semester started this week. Almost done with my son's work for the school year.
Thanks for stopping in. Be safe, have fun and enjoy life! ~hazel~crochetamommy~

Happy Mother's Day

Hello to all!
To all the mothers and expecting mothers:
Happy Mother's Day! Here is the card my son made me:

Here is the card I made for my mother:
and the inside:
Also this week, I made..... Soap! I found some really good deals on ebay and got supplies for a good price so I was able to play around and make these:
From hypoallergenic glycerin soap and Shea butter:  Up close of the leaves:
 and from a melt and pour mold I had from previous soap try:
 And from hypoallergenic glyercine and Coconut creme base: 
 Up close:
 I added gold shimmery accents, but the soap is also sweating some.. I learned a bit. like not to pour when too hot.. it melts the molds.. believe me. the star did.
This may be a hobby i will do off and on, especially if i catch the supplies at the right price. I still have some of the soap bases to make more. I am currently looking for more molds, preferably not plastic..
I also made a line art and colored it this week: picture drawn by me from a tutorial at dragoar…

My son turned 10!

Hello to all!!
My son turned 10 this week.!.  I can not believe it has been that long, yet, it has seemed so fast too, since he was born!
This year, we really tried to make it special for him! I made him a minecraft cake! I used the video reference:
I did not use the cake she used, nor the jello. I just dyed some rice crispys blue! He was so surprised, and loved it!!!
We took him to a local club house/arcade/bowling alley.  It was the first time we had ever been to anything like that, We all enjoyed!!
I am officially done with the spring semester. I managed all A's in my three classes,  yes, even psychology, which mind boggles me.
I have 2 weeks before the summer semester starts!
This week I have worked on and finished: Used a reference of a model from Vishstudios on They have some awesome stocks of models and poses!!
Already working on my next picture,  but its a surprise, and not like my others i have drawn so far!!
Also, here is a picture of my petunias that are…