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Frilly Fluffy Scarf video tutorial

I have made tons of scarves over the last few years.. but when i bought  the yarn to make some as gifts for my teachers this year.. it took me a day of searching the net, through my notes..
to remember how I made them I tend to do things differently, and this was no different. So, once i remembered, and have 2 made, working on the last one I thought i would record and post for others to see how i do them and for myself.

I would definitely say, this is not for a beginner crochet or
anyone unfamiliar with this yarn,
this tutorial is just a quick- "This is how i do it"
Scarf Video Tutorial (or how i do it)
With J hook and Red heart Sashay Boutique Yarn
i like to straighten out the yarn over a cut paper towel cardboard center. i cut about an inch slit in the top and bottom to 'hook' the beginning of the yarn. then, i open the yarn up and begin wrapping it onto the holder. i can crochet faster if i open it this way instead of as i go. 
Once i have it all stretched out, …