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Dental things!!!

Ah, Spring break.. It came.. it left...  Stayed busy the whole time it felt....
but.. as promised, some dental things that i have been working on in Lab class for the last few months.
I did have a tooth with a sealant and a tooth with a liner applied, but i forgot to put them in the picture.. maybe next time!!!
and here is a cutie that i made and colored:
and fresh off the camera...  a new hobby with a little friend that i painted!
I love cursive writing, use it daily, wanted to practice with a calligraphy marker.. :) (used a few youtube videos as practice)
Hope everyone enjoyed, Have a safe and wonderful workweek and  weekend!! :) ~hazel~crochetamommy

What i have been doing...

Lets see...  I have been in classes,  going 1 day a week to a clinical site that takes 1hr /30min drive, studying for the classes, helping my boys around house...
So, ive been busy.. but, its starting to get into a routine about things, semester almost half way over with,  then on to my last one, which ends middle of August!!
So, usually i start far back and come to the most recent,  but today, i wanted to show what i made for the wonderful dental assistant that has been helping me at clinics.. She so sweet, smart, and sassy!! for her, i made:

Used pattern: minikiss-series---bunny by K4TT I love that pattern, so simple, fast and  so darn cute!!!
Here are some recent digital drawing and coloring that i have created:
I created this little guy, based off of a tutorial in Drawing animals shape by shape book by Christopher Hart
here is the line art if you want to print and color: and if you like the bunny, but not the shamrocks, here:
and a line art of the fox i posted last time I will pu…