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Moms been in hospital, busy in school, and October...

Hello to all! I know, i havent updated in over 2 weeks, but.. life really did chew me up
My mom is in the hospital, been there for 2 weeks, hopefully she'll get to come home soon!!! (shes doing better!)
Been busy in school, its the mid of the term, so we seen our grades and i am already registered for Spring semester in Jan '16
Still work load is a lot to do for the 3 classes.
I have colored a bunch, so that is probably all you will see here! (i color when worried, stress or out of my mind)
Ok. first, line arts. 
I drew this while spending drawing time with my son.
This line art, my son drawn and i outlined on the computer for him!!! (almost everything is followed completely by his lines!)
Now on to coloring and digital works..
A friend made this line art, i colored for putting it for adoption on dA
here is the background i made for the dress: Two more colored line arts by Chibivi-Linearts on deviantart:

I have many more pictures to show, but leaving with this last school proj…

October.. love october!! Halloween, Anniversary, etc..

Hello to all!! thanks for stopping by..
so far, this is what i have been working on..
My Left fingerless mitt - knitted I had drawn this: from video tutorial:
While having drawing time with my son, this is what we drew: from video tutorial: and my coloring of it is this: My son colored one of my linearts digitally: and for my niece, as a surprise coloring sheet, i drew this: and she colored it: posted on my SIL blog Stay At Home Mom
 I completely LOVE IT!!!!!!!!
I think that is it for this week... more drawings, colorings, and origami  coming up for next week!!
Have a wonderful work week a head..  be safe, have fun and stay dry!!! ~hazel~crochetamommy