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New toy!

Hello to all!
Ive been working on this and that.. also that halloween cross stitch.  May be having some commissions soon,  and one requested to have a name embroidered..
never done it before.. kinda intimidating. I bought a new foot for my machine, which arrived today, of course i had to give it a go!
had draw tribal flower, and free hand H..

my arms!! they are so tired now from moving. takes a lot of thread!!! (unless im doing something wrong)  i am looking up tips and stuff, will post when i found something good!!

Halloween project!

Hello to all!! Just wanted to stop in and show what ive started! I love this time of year, the weather, the colors, the candy!
Pattern chart here (for free): Halloween cupcake
I had to change a few of the colors, due to not having them. I am very slow at cross stitch.. but after finding that deal on the floss the other day, i knew i want to do a cross stitch project immediately!
Since im here, might as well share some patterns im thinking of making, and some cool videos ive ran across lately...
UltraPimaShawl.pdf ravelry page: alpine-shawl-
Apelsin the Dragon by Inna Paklina

ravelry page: apelsin-the-dragon

Black bats Illusion by Cheryl edwards ravelry page: black-bats-illusion-shadow-dishcloth
Ok, now to handy videos, 
iknitwithcatfur- Wind a Center Pull Ball of Yarn  I love this.!. will have to try it.. i usually just use pencils/pens and start it that way, but this looks like it will be easier to start and finish!
Awesome food/snack video: Decorating Cupcakes with yoyomax12

Great deals and unusal candles!

Hello to all!!!
I know i havent been around, but been really busy with bunch of health issues with my boys...
but.. hopefully i'll be back and having more than ever to show!
First off, I was surfing dA (an art community that rocks!) and found unusual candles that are great for the coming season! FALL!!
Acorn candles! my son collected some outside, and then we had a family project of melting wax and putting wicks in. i used the scented wax squares (by in stores) and some pariffin wax. doesnt take much!! and i also refilled some tea light candles to finish using the wax!
Use in a bowl/container with water and they float perfectly! ( be careful not to burn yourself while putting them in!!)

I have been digitally color lots of pictures drawn by other wonderful artist on dA lately, that  is why i do not have much crafting to show... but i did draw this and digitally lined it, hope to color it soon!

How cute? i used several tutorials from my fave drawing site:
and...this wee…