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New pattern coming and selling small shawl

Hello to all. Just thought i would update to tell about a new pattern i wrote out, Pterodactyl applique pattern. I have it wrote out, and i need to go through it once more before i have it up for testing.

Also, a while back, i made myself a small shawl/shawlette to go around my hips.. i love the look.. just never worn it.. and i hate having things laying around when i know others will use it and enjoy. so, i have it up for sale for $25 Araucania Elise Shawlette it is made with Araucania Ranco Multi 75% wool, 25% nylon yarn. very soft and beautiful. also, it has a beaded edge.

I also hand sewn a plushy made out of felt. first time hand sewing and using the blanket stitch.

Also, ive started applying the initials to the baby blanket momma is giving as a gift, here are some wip pictures of that:
Its in a curly Q alphabet font. the next letters are A and Y. the A will be in the center dark grey box, and the Y will be in the bottom right light grey box. :) hope to get it finished today.


Allergy attacks

Hello to all! I know i havent updated much, but allergies.. i think they are that.. and so does the doc.. but.. they are bad.. icky cough, sneezing.. sore throat.. just horrible.. Im barely wanting to do anything, but just sit and stare off. I have finished this hat i was testing..
It was a really fun pattern. Worked up quickly. Used one skein of yarn. It is made in Cotton Fleece by brown sheep. 80% cotton, 20% Merino Wool- blue clouds color way. You can purchase it in my shop Crochetamommy Crafts

I will be starting another knitted shawl, a different type one that i have yet to try.. looks very interesting, just hope i am experienced enough to finish it.

Will try to make some amigurumi/ toys to go into the shop. They tend to be thoughtless.. which is what i need now..

I do have a pterodactyl applique pattern i am in the middle of creating.. its gonna be another big applique, the wing span measures 10 inches... havent decided if i am going to make a background for it or not.

Also, the…

Knitted blanket finished, Irish Net Market bag finished

Hello to all!! Hope you are having a good beginning to this week. I have finished my first ever, knitted baby blanket. (well, still just a few ends to weave in.. and to wash it, but over all, done with the knitting)
I will add the baby's initials when it gets closer to the due date.
I had another project i was working on, Irish Kate Market bag by Jen Crage. I was testing the pattern. I love the way it looks, and will be making a few more. This bag i used Four Season Grundl Cotton Quick Print from Germany. My wonderful penpal sent me some yarn for my birthday and i knew i had to use this yarn on this bag!!!   Measures (laying flat) 11inches long from base to top of bag, 8 inches wide.
That is about all i have on the needles/hooks right now. I have drawn the picture i needed to, and my to-do list is looking really small now.... so.. soon i will be making items to put into my shop: Crochetamommy Crafts
Thanks to all who have stopped by and have taken the time to read!! Feel free to c…

Updated Lion Applique Pattern, Stag pattern, WIPS

Hello to all!! I have finished the testing of the Lion Applique, and updated the pattern.

I also made and wrote out a Stag Applique pattern  The pattern will be available soon. The applique is actually for sell in my shop  Stag Applique
I am finished with knitting momma's baby blanket gift.  Now i am weaving ends in. Will post pictures of it when completely finished. (before adding initials)
Will be drawing some, taking a break from crochet/knitting this week.  Maybe.. i always say that, and find myself doing it anyways. :)
If you have any suggestions for an applique, or for a pattern, let me know!!
Thanks for reading, and stopping by!  Have a wonderful day! ~hazel~crochetamommy

Knitted baby blanket, Tunisian shrug, Stag applique

Hello to All.. .i know i havent posted in a few days.. ive been sick.. but, i am feeling better.. and busy as ever.

I am almost finished with the knitted baby blanket i am making for my mother to give as a gift. Here is a "work in progress" picture. i only have the top border to do to finish the blanket, then when it gets closer time to the due date, i will add the initials.

Here is a Tunisian shrug i started years ago. My own design. Probably gonna sell it. Measures: approx. 38inches across (arm, across back, arm) and is approx. 9inches from top of neck down the back. the open chest/back area measures 21.5 inches across. Arm length is approx 8inches. I wear about L/XL shirt and this is just a little snug on me.

This is a close up of the cable at the neck and lower back This is the view of it folded in half, showing the lower back cable and the sleeves This is the view of it folded in half, showing the cable at the neck and the sleeves

Ok, many years ago i made a john deer…

What im working on

Hello to all!! Its been a few days since ive posted, i thought i would give an update.. I am working on that knitted baby blanket. After that, i will be working on more things for the shop.

thanks for reading


Hats, mushrooms and testing

Hello to All. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and are enjoying your Labor Day in the US. Here is whats been going on. I have made a two hats recently. One my only niece took.. :) and the other is in my shop. Cherry Chip Hat. Both pictures will be put up the baby blankets and item pages.

  I am working on another applique, this one suggested/requested by a friend on ravelry. :) I have plans for maybe an amigurumi of one as well. My lion applique is still in testing.. hit a few bumps.. but i knew there was a strong possibility that i would have many changes to make to wording and stitch counts. I will be working on the knitted baby blanket today and finish up the last 10 rows on this square row.. then i'll only have one more row of squares to go! :) will add pictures to the baby blankets page when finished.

Thats about all that is going on.. i hope to get a few more items made this week.. off and on.