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Wyatt- small messenger diaper bag

Hello to all!!!
I just finished another project,  its actually a little late start, but a really early finish!!
i present to you:
Measures: 10in long (not counting bottle holders on each side) 9in tall 42" strap. it is comfortable over shoulder or crossed over chest. 
Used pattern from: the basic messenger bag customized it from that wonderful tutorial. :)

I had a lot of fun making this!!! Forgot how much i enjoyed sewing!! next on the crafty list: CANDLES and probably more baby stuff to come...  Thanks for stopping by!
Hope you enjoyed!

Welcome to the world- A baby gift set

Hello to all!!
I havent been around because ive been working on a baby gift set for my mom's coworker and since she has the gifts now,  i can post here without ruining the surprise!!!
Here is the overall picture: contains: 1 baby blanket sleep suit w/hat and boots duck toy and monkey rattle
here are some close up of the set items:

 The monkey I found a drawing tutorial from and this is how it came out:

 so cute!!! i had to design him into crochet!!!
Hope you all love as much as i do!!! I worked very hard!!!
over the next few months i will be having more baby surprise gifts.. so if you dont see from me, you know why!!
may do some candles soon, or some other stuff before getting  back on the ball!!
Thanks for stopping by~ ~hazel~crochetamommy


Hey!!! just thought i would stop by and show a little tease of whats to come!!!
Im creating a design, will be tested, and pattern will be available!!

Blanket of squares and sketchbook

Hello to all!!!
Ive been slowly hand giving a little of a fit.. but i am getting things done!!
all those squares i post awhile back..  its finished. a beautiful blanket!!!

also, i wanted to try my hand at making a sketchbook.. (since mine is almost full and it looked cool to do)
made with fabric, embroidery floss, scrapbook paper, ribbon and glue. :)  oh yeh, pieces of sturdy cardboard box.. measures 6in by 9in.
may make a few with a different binding coming up,  after i finish a few more projects..
coming up soon, a small messenger style diaper bag more crochet/knitting some drawings or origami.
thanks for stopping by! ~hazel~crochetamommy