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One Down, many more to go... lol

Hello!!! Thank you for stopping by!
I just finished my 3rd welding hat sewing project. (first one, a disaster, second one better but till not happy with, but it did fit!)
Found the pattern online for free,  had the pieces lay out and instructions, but for me being a semi-beginner sewer, i couldnt follow them.  so i made the second hat using a blog that had some tips. turned out good, but needed another hat made, and i found another blog that had a tutorial. really awesome,  but, still some parts i didnt like.. so i winged it just a little.. and added elastic.  the hat my cousin gave me to use as a guide had elastic but all the ones i found online havent had it... but i did add it to both hats i have made so far. this one is reversible and completely 100% cotton. :)

now on my to do list: crochet tigger crochet monkey sashay scarf
that is my must do list within the next week.. or two.
Have to run and get busy! ~hazel~crochetamommy

One Year!!! Thanks!!! WIPs!!!

Hello!!!  Thank you for stopping by! I can not believe its been a year since ive started this blog...  I have greatly enjoyed it all!
Ive had some ups and some downs on hopes of opening a shop online which i did but, sadly i havent had enough stuff to put there, so its been bare..
I wanted to show you all what i have been working on project wise..
My only niece's bday is at the beginning of august, and she is a missy priss..  I loves her so much.. so while visiting, i thought of this project,  which i had made a little bit ago...
A quilled tiara! googled some pics, and this is what i came up with while watching tv late one night.  may re work it differently and post pattern on here. :)
I have a few things that need to be done within the next few weeks.. 
Here is a picture of a welders cap in progress.. the first one i sent to my cousin fit him nicely and it was well received.. so this one will be reversible for him i am using what fabrics i have laying around that i know for sure…

Commission finished and now... sewing...

Hello to all!! Ive been busy.. and when i havent been busy... i didnt want to take the effort to post.. how sad..
but, i do have updates on projects ive been doing!!!
Here was my crochet commission i just finished:

A full size blanket, and 5 stuff toys.. how cute huh? this project was a lot of fun.!.
now, im sewing...  what, may you ask... well, some hemming of jeans, removing the sleeves and hemming a night shirt.. and making a welding cap for my cousin...  he gave me one to go by.. but my first one i made... *shakes head* it was a failure..  so i went to look for free patterns, found one, tried it... turned out.. kinda. the instructions werent that good.  i did get it made, and it does resemble one... so now, looking for paid ones..   sewing is one of my hobbies that i am not good at..  but, if i keep sewing, im bound to get better, right?
I also had drawn and outline a picture lately, here is the outline: I hope to have more quilling projects coming up, as i have a million and one …

Quilling, blanket, and a turtle, then... lizards?

Hello to all!  Here is what I have been working on from quilling to commissions! My son quilled this with me.
My son designed this shark. We quilled it together.
Here is a work in progress of the blanket, measured a perfectly 46in square on my full size bed:

And right off my hook,
measuring at 8in long and 10in wide,

Mostly all my pattern, the shell was modified from a pattern that is found for free on the web.

Also, a cute picture of a lizard. I love these guys more than i do the squirrels!
I have two big ones that like to hang around the porch. and actually got a pic of both!

It was cleaning day... and had yet to carry the trash off.. but they found it useful!

What an update huh? i actually had this in the work for about a week... its been hectic!!
Thanks for stopping by!