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Coloring, Adding to Homeschool page, wip

Hello to all!!
I figured I would drop in and give an update to what I have been up to.
I have finished coloring another picture found from It took me a few days to finish it, over all I am very happy with the end result it all. I have also went through my latest websites I have been using for homeschooling and willl be adding the sites to my homeschool page.
Today, I have started looking at references and other patterns available for ninja turtle amigurumi,  and soon i hope to start making one, writing a pattern as I go. I have not found a pattern that I have absolutely like,  so I hope to create one that fits what I want.
Thanks for stopping by! Hope you enjoy! ~hazel~crochetamommy

Digital Colorings

Hello to all!  Havent been doing much crafting lately this week, but i have been digitally coloring!
I did not draw these pictures, i found them online on a site called I just colored them.
 ^ colored this one for my niece who is doing wonderful in homeschooling!^
^this one i could think of so many ways to color, but i am extremely happy with it^
^I love the day of the dead pictures, and i i loved the way i colored this. it was so fun!^
Thats all i have for an update thanks for stopping by! ~hazel~crochetamommy

KMF FLeece Blanket, Moms bday, Drawings, etc

Hello to all!
Welcome to another action packed blog post! i have so many things to show!!
First off, i finished the crochet bordered fleece initial embroidered baby blanket! (say that three times fast, what a mouth full!)
measures 31in by 35in

I really enjoyed working on this blanket, i have had a few ups and downs with it, and i have come to a conclusion (along with hubbys advice) I need more embroidery practice!!
I will not be taking commissions on embroidery until i practice more and get comfortable with it which at the same time, i hate to make things and they turn out right,  and have no where to put/use them... at the same time, i dont want to charge if it doesnt turn out.. what a choice to make. lol
I have also made my mother something for her birthday. First it was a quilled card i made a bit ago for her, and surprised her with it! also i made:
measures approx. 3in wide.
For a friend on dA i drew her some pokemon  it is drawn in my sketchbook.
Thats what i have been up to last…

Fleece blanket and Art trade drawing

Hello to all!
I just wanted to update the progress for the blanket. I finished crocheting the border. measures 31in x 35in

then i am stuck on the embroidery... here is what i was thinking of doing, a stem stitch hand embroidery with yarn  i have practiced it, here was my first attempt: A lot a bit messy, and was fighting with the fleece.^
my second attempt, i made holes then embroidered. here: I like the rope look, but not crazy about the font i used.  it is nice and soft, the yarn stretches with the fabric nicely. The commissioner liked it, now to research the best way to layout the initials  and find a font that looks good with the layout.
Really hope to be done with this soon. Its been fun, but been in a drawing mood. I had an art trade with a fellow friend from they drew me a tribal elephant and in return, i did Rin from a show called Blue Exorcist drawn in my sketchbook, used Pencils, HB 2B,6B and color pencils, shaded with q-tip this view angle is difficult, must p…

Camo Blanket, Cake, Drawing

Hello to all!!! I have started my next commission,  and it is something that i haven't tried before. A fleece blanket with a crochet edging,  along with embroidered initials. Im so excited and ive already started! WIP (work in progress) pictures! Materials: Fleece cut 29 x 32 (standard receiving blanket) Caron Simply Soft yarn. usually i love this yarn because it is super soft, but this skein is splitting badly. :(
using edges-for-fleece-baby-blankets i started the border. I have kinda strayed away from the pattern some.. but  here was the start.

I dont know how many rows i will do.. but will post picture when done!!
I love this time of year! I like the coolness of the weather, even though i dont like winter i do love fall! To get ready for the holiday of the fall that i love, i baked a cake. I wanted to do green icing, but couldnt find my dye! so, i introduce my devil chocolate, 2 layered cake with white icing and sprinkles! (the cake is so soft and moist) Next to share is a t…

Baby set complete

Hello to all! Finally finished the baby set and blanket that i have been working on lately!
Blanket pattern: diamond-stitch-baby-blanket by Olga Poltava uses Bernat baby softee yarn, G hook measures 34in by 34in

and the finished out fit with the blanket Baby outfit pattern: JC094 baby pattern by Justcrochet Designs

Such a lovely set, eh?
I enjoyed working on it, but i am glad to be done with it! coming up next, probably some drawings another baby blanket, but something in pink camo and later, a ninja turtle!
thanks for stopping by! ~hazel~crochetamommy

Bday, 2 years and more

Hello to all!!!
I had a wonderful birthday!  thank you!!
and I am very surprised and happy to announce, i have had this blog running for two years, and have made 120 posts!

I am very erratic in my hobbies and how often i post.
and i just want to thank all who show support by visiting!
It really means a lot to me!

ok, enough with the mushy emotions. lol

Here is my finished Birthday bracelet:
I really loved how this picture turned out^

but, here is a better picture to show the charms detals
It jingles when i move!! lol i am so happy with it.

and to finish my birthday,
i worked more on the baby blanket, now i am atleast 3/4 of the way done with it.

I also had some drawing time, in which i made this:
used tutorial from drawn in my sketchbook.

Thank all who have visited and keeps coming back!
Have a nice day!