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Small charmander pokemon toy

My son is sick, so to make him feel better, i crocheted him this:  He loves pokemon!! :)  Measures: 6in tall x 2.5in wide.
Well, off to tend to him!  ~hazel

What ive made lately..

Hello to all!! Im still here.. off and on from being sick.. but.. still here. Mostly crafting. some drawing. some candle making... 

here is the latest off my crochet hook. I was testing a pattern for a fellow raverly-er. its a baby rattler/teether. I didnt have a rattler, so its just a softie.. measures 6in tall by 2in wide.
there are other animals.. a cat, dog, bear, pig, bunny.. maybe more thats off the top of my head.. may make more for charity. :)

Next, i tested this pattern and made it for my dog Bandit. it fits him really well and he likes to wear it. Also helped curve my sweater obsession ive been having lately. this is a size lg/xl measures 18 inches long and approx. 22 inches wide..

Here is a picture of another candle ive made. Ive been really making a lot of them lately. made another Halloween batch for my SIL and i love these butterfly candles.

Ive tested this mask because i loved the way it looked. All fantasy and whimsical.  Songbird mask from ravelry.

Ive also gotten back dr…

Halloween Candles!!!

My Halloween candles!! :) made with parrafin wax and a jello mold. :) turned out really well. have a second batch cooling and some voltives. :) probably gonna take a break from crocheting for a bit and venture into my other hobbies that i enjoy! :) We love Halloween time!\

P.s. No matter how much i complain about crochet/knitting.. COMMISSIONS ARE ALWAYS OPEN unless i say that they are closed...


Finished projects and.. candle making :)

Hello to all!! I wanted to post some of my most recent projects i finished. Im also making Halloween candles at the moment (they are cooling.. ) and hope to have some awesome pictures up of them! so, with out farther waiting.. here are my most recent projects:

Finished Tulips and Hearts Knitted baby blanket with initials:

My son's skull cap. Pattern: Skull Cap

Winter Cowl. Pattern by :

Baby hat to go with blanket and Lamb to my mother as a gift. Pattern: kool kids hat

 Husbands Skull cap with knitted brim

Lamb. :) to go with the blanket and hat. I created this lamb.

My to do list for projects

Hello to all!! Thanks for stopping by.. I just wanted to post what i have on my to-do list. :) this may or may not be done in order.. here i go..

1. Finish a lamb amigurumi i am making the pattern as i go.
2. Finish my son's Halloween bag he designed. (and write pattern up)
3. Make another pterodactyl from the pattern, so i can have the pattern tested this up coming week. this one will be going on the Halloween bag.
4. Make my hubby a skull beanie cap
5.Testing a song-bird mask pattern. its so cute!! and just in time for Halloween!!
6. Start my very first ever Knitted sweater.. for myself.. :) it has cables and a hoodie!! :)
7. Get my tractor pattern tested

thats just all my crochet/knitting to-do list... i also want to get some Halloween candles made up for the house.. may list some for sell in shop.. dont really know yet. I also want to get some drawing in.. kinda been missing it.. and feel ive been crocheting/knitting too much lately, wanting to branch out in my hobbies. Feel f…