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Some pictures and some colorings

Hello to all!!
Not much to share this week, as the last week of school is coming up for me, and it is busy, busy, busy.
Eric did well with all his testings last week! He also made a few friends!
Here are a few pictures that was taken by my husband and some from my son:
 These two pictures were taken on the way to my mothers house!
 Bees! every year, we get these cute little bees that dig holes and fly around they are harmless!
 I shall call him "Zilla" he was running across the dirt road. then he stopped in the ditch for a photo op! :)

I have also colored two pictures this week.
^ first, this one from Jade Dragonne. I love the way i colored the gold fish and her fins..  not happy with the background. It gave me some problems with the layers. ^ Pin Up Mermaid on

^ This one, the line art from Sureya and  the background stock from Tigers-stock. I am totally happy with this one.  I tried so many new things, and probably was an easier way i have yet to learn, but..…

Two weeks, two weeks.. 4 class days.. 4 class days left...

Hello and thank you all for stopping by,
OH MY Gosh!!! I so can not believe that i have 2 weeks left of the spring semester! and my son has standardize testing this week. all week!! 
Busy, Busy, Busy...
I havent done much this week, but have worked on this picture: I colored it, line art is off of deviantart
I hope you all have a wonderful week ahead! ~hazel~crochetamommy

Busy, Busy...

Hello to all!! Thank you so much for stopping by. I am a little late this week with a posting.. but.. let me tell you.. its the end of the semester, and boy the workload.. I can handle it, i know, but i really have no time for crafting or anything else...
I am working on something here, and there, in dr visits, between classes, its a blanket for me and my hubby. from:   I am crocheting granny squares and will sew them together to make this chart into a blanket. I have been seeing these types of blankets everywhere and i finally broke down and started one.
i have 10 black squares and close to 10 yellow squares made, will keep you updated.

This video will show how i will be making the batman blanket
I have picked the reference for my next realistic drawing, but have not started at all on it....
I decided to take a little time and surf youtube for some interesting videos to post.
This first one, i actually did to my hair last week, but did not have enough bobby pins to pin down my brai…

Happy Easter

Happy Easter!
Thanks for stopping by. First off, i want to wish you all a  enjoy the time with family!!
Will post the line art for coloring in my line art folder tab.

This week in my sketchbook i drawn this:
 reference picture taken from dA
Baby-You-ve-Got-What-It-Takes by vishstudio

I do plan to do more realistic drawings like this. I have several over the years I have done.

and next...

Here are some wonderful pictures taken by my hubby:
 ^Dont look at me. :)  one of my little stalkers..^

 ^ You cant see me...^

 ^Flowers at park ^
^ I'm here. go find your own. ^

All pictures took by hubby, edited and played with by me. :)

Thanks for stopping by, hope you enjoyed!!
Be safe, have fun and enjoy your week a head!!!
~hazel ~crochetamommy