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Back to work

Ok, while resting from putting up holiday decorations with my mom and family,
i worked up this bag pattern from scratch.
Lately i havent been able to find exactly what ive been looking for in a pattern,
so I've been creating them. Which is more work, but gives me room to modify to my needs And when finished i can feel good that it is my hard work out into it!
This is my prototype bag that i made to work for the 11 name embroidered bags Due by Christmas.
Bought this fabric months ago from humane retail store And was so happy to use it.
Crochet a long chain of 2 greens for drawstring/straps.
Measures 14in wide by 15in tall.

 ^Flat, nothing in it^

 ^ has a pair of my son's jeans and a shirt in it ^

^Just twisted cutely over the chair^ :)

I do hope to put up the pattern/instructions
on how i made it,
for other beginners or anyone
who would like to make it!

Thats what i have done crafty today.. and within the week
I took time off and enjoyed playing Halo on Xbox 360,
watching epi…

Wishing a Happy Thanksgiving!

Hello to all for stopping by!!
I just finished a cute Red heart sashay scarf,  in nice brown/grey tones. So beautiful! I made it for my son's dentist. That office is really nice. It amazes me that they remember us when we go. They are always so busy!

Absolutely love that yarn for scarfs! so cute and soft!
I have officially bought all the supplies for the 11 embrodiered sewn bags i am going to  make by Christmas for my aunt. So, hopefully i'll have the 1st one done by Friday. 
I finished a 12in block that i created for my lamb lovey. the 12in block will be free,
but i am extending it into a baby blanket size to put with my lamb lovey pattern.

Everyone have a safe and happy thanksgiving
also, best wishes for the holiday season ahead!!

thats it for now, thank you for stopping by!

Wyatt, a hunting diaper bag

Hello all!!
See, i havent just been slack away from computer lately.. ive been  nerve racking busy, trying to finish a diaper bag, without a pattern,  putting zipper closer for the first time ever, embroidering a name for the second time ever... this is how it turned out:
 My first time ever putting a zipper as a closer!!!
Only my second time embroidering a name!!  *several failed attempts after unevenness and puckering of material*
 First time putting a lined zipper pocket in.  This diaper bag has 12 pockets and 4 bottle holder pockets!!
The first time i reused a zipper and put it in as a lined pocket.
Overall size: 16in long, 12in tall, 5.5 in wide. 
That has taken me awhile. i drawn up my own pattern for it, layed it out.. looked at several, several tutorials. I will be posting the links and videos soon that i used.
I have also been working on a baby blanket to use for my lamb lovey.
I am also currently working on a ruffly scarf for my son's dentist. Shes so nice and always a…

Im coming out.... of a slump!

Hello to all! I am sorry for not posting! I lost my creative flow lately, but Good news, i think I'm getting it back! Have my batteries charge and ready to run!
Here is what I've been up to:
1.  Embroidered Candon on a pillow case made from T shirts

2. Drawing Jack skellington and Sally with son

3. Lamb lovey. Made for a customer of my mom.

Pattern will be up for sale after i create a blanket pattern  to go with the stuff animal parts.  The star can be found for free from bernat yarns website.
Coming up: 
1. Camo custom diaper bag.
2. Duffle bags.. like a lot of them.

So, i hope to be crafty busy soon and to have much more creativity in me
than i have had lately!

Thanks for stopping by!