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Diaper Bag finished and a picture

Hello to all!!!
Back in school, back in school... and i am registered for summer classes as well! Oh me, oh my..
But, i did get the diaper bag finished for my cousin and putting it in the mail tomorrow!  ^ Front of the messenger bag with the letter A embroidered. I tried a new font!!
 ^ Front, under the flap. has pockets using inside liner and jean material
 ^Inside with 2 bottle pockets on side, and many pockets on one side of bag.  This picture is very true to the color!!!
^ back of bag, and very true to the color of the bag. 
I also outlined and colored a picture that a friend drawn a long time ago. and the little tattoo : used tutorial from I drawn it digitally using my drawing tablet.
I have worked on a little knitted project off and on, still have to sew it into shape and then i will show!! *easter theme* <---hint, hint
I hope you all have a wonderful week ahead!  Be safe, careful and have fun! ~hazel~crochetamommy
Thank you for stopping by!!!

Coloring, Spring Break, diaper bag, more!

Hello to all!!
Spring break was this week.. and.. I am loving it!!
No, didnt go anywhere, just stayed home with my boys and enjoyed relax time.
I have did tons of coloring this week:

I did not draw these pictures, a talented person from dA did. I did digitally draw the background for the parrot lady and the background for the spring maid, after I colored them.

I drew this picture from a tutorial on
 I may color it. havent went back to work on it.

I have completed the liner to the bag, and last night i did this:
^ Embroidered the A on the messenger flap.  ^

and this is the other side: (same material as inner bag):

And.. since it is getting warmer... like most, I am watching what I eat and start exercising.
so, this is my breakfast, i didnt mean to arrange it, but it just happened to be like that..
thought it was a good
So, back to school for me and my son next week...

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and work week ahead!
Be safe, have fun and enjoy li…


Hello to all!!
I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!! 
I love the sun and the spring weather we are having!!!
Every year it seems I can not wait to get outside and take spring pictures; this year is no different.

^ my flowers I planted last spring, they survived!!! ^

and this morning, I finished coloring a picture digitally on the computer. I did not draw it, but colored a line art from

I have been working on the diaper bag. I have the pockets finished for one side. I hope to get more done this week!!!
EVERYONE GET OUT AND ENJOY!!!! Have a wonderful work week ahead, be safe, careful and have fun!! thank you for stopping by! ~hazel~crochetamommy

Pokeball, bunny and progress!

Hello to all!!!
This week has been really good! Especially after the stress and workload of last week! I still havent crafted a whole bunch but any little bit is better than nothing!
after making a loomed banded pikachu, me and my son made a pokeball:

And tonight, I made this cute bunny to go on top of my pen in class! :)
 Can find the video here:
This woman has some awesome tutorials! Very clear and nicely made!
And this week, i have also been working on the diaper bag. I have all the fabric cut out, except for strap and the pockets.  this week i hope to add pockets and embroider an "A" on the flap of the bag.

I hope you all have a good week coming up, dont forget to turn your clocks forward!  Thanks for stopping by! ~hazel~crochetamommy