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Happy Easter!!

Hello to all! I want to wish everyone a Happy Easter! I have a few easter crafts to show: (some may have been posted earlier this month) quilled bunny by my son and I
Crochet bunny i made for my son's basket
Purple fuzzy furry rabbit- my mom claimed. more true color is: Quick pic of my son's easter bunny basket, with 3 crochet eggs

stands at 10in tall and 5.5 in wide.

and i made these eggs from: Mini Amigurumi Easter Eggs by Joanne Loh
measures 2in tall and 1.5in wide. so small and cute!!

I also tested another wonderful pattern by melissa green, but an unable to share pictures until April 1st.

I did take some pictures with my hubbys camera today though:
I drew that lemur for a prize request from a contest months ago..
I finally got around to drawing again..

Ok, I guess that is it for today! and this month!
I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter.

Bunny! and an apron

Hello to all! :) I finally finished my son's bunny! now, to crochet a few eggs to go in the basket with him..
Emma Bunny Rabbit by Adorable Amigurumi
And, I have the apron that I sewed for my sister in law! She bought the pattern already layed out with instructions.. took me 2 nights of sewing, but mostly because i did two rows of stitching on everything. :) (poor picture quality, taken with cell phone in horrible lighting, hope to get a good one with hubby's camera before giving to her)
I've been quilling again lately, due to the fact I was able to play with my mother's shredder the other day and she happened to have construction paper on hand.. so, quickly sent a few sheets through (or more than a few) Thinking of buying some blank cards and making designs for them and put them up for sale... Also, after my son seen what i made, he had to do it also, and all by himself, even the pictures!!  Mine to begin with ^ Then my son made his ^ all by himself! ^   Ours together,…


Hello to all!!! Fresh off the machine...
Just finished making it for my mother. :) Just a little smidgen smaller than the other one i did. But this one is completely made by me. Using racing fabric, some spare black fabric laying around and some cut up blue jeans. :)

Had to learn to do bindings and edgings. still not 100% happy with it.. but i need to do it more to practice!

Its late, and I have some things to do tomorrow, but hopefully soon with another post including an orange bunny with eggs and another apron, but this is from  a fabricated pattern for my sister in law.

As always, have suggestions or comments, feel free to tell me what you think or would like to see!!


Baskets, squares, aprons, and elephants, oh my!

Hello to all!! I know that I have not been posting much this month... either im not crafting much or just too busy to sit and type.. but, here is what I have been doing!!
My Elephant Applique is now available for sale!! Elephant Applique - $2.00 Buy now
 Also, I have tested this square: Jacindith Square by Melissa Green

I have created a netted bag to hold my oranges in, as when i put them on the counter, they tend to mold quickly.. so.. here is how i fixed that problem: My orange hanger! :) made of cotton yarn, so i can just throw in the machine to wash between times of getting fruit!
after i made that, i showed my mother in law, and she had to have one for her onions, so, i made:

so that she could hang her onions! :)
I will probably write this pattern up soon, will put it up for sale for probably $1 or less.
And with Easter coming up soon in the States, i made for my son, measures about 5in wide and about 4in tall.  will be crocheting a few things and getting him a chocloate bunny to go…


Hello to all! I have started doing a new hobby with my son, and he loves it! We usually do many other things together, but he seems to be getting bored of them, so i went on the look for a new hobby, something that we can do together, but still be close to no-cost to try. and i found.. quilling. it is a type of paper art thats really old that involves rolling strands of paper into a circle. I have tried a few basic projects before we tried together, but it was a simple flower... I actually made a quilling tool out of a large eye needle (for sewing) i cut the tip of the needle eye off, (the very tip) and it made a makeshift quilling tool. i stuck the needle into an end of a knitting needle cover (the thick rubber guards that go on the end of knitting needles) its the perfect size for his small hands to hold and roll.
Teeny Tiny Tulips Quilling we used construction paper that i cut into 1/4 of an inch strips. measures approx 1.5in tall and 1in wide This was our first project, we took tu…