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Out with the old, In with the new, New Year 2013

Hello to all! I know i havent been around... holidays and what not.. and just not being online too much... Thank you to those who had wish me and my family wonderful holiday wishes. I do hope you all had a wonderful holiday as well....

Its the end of another year.. yep.. had to say it, its not as if havent seen it around EVERY WHERE.. but i had to go and say it also.. lol. and as always, people reflect on the year pasted, and the years to come..Usually i have many many "ideas" and thoughts that i want to change.. and end up.. never changing.. so this year.. im not going to dwell on it.. im just going to take a day at a time.. and make each day the best i can.

I did finish all my projects i had started this year, so, i can start the new year out right on that front!! look for some sewing and drawing. I received a machine for Christmas, and can not wait to make some things!! (but, atlas, house work first)..

I will be taking everything out my shop, and donating it …


Remembrance for my father. December 2004.

Every year i get emotional and tend to write little ramblings of how i feel.

this year i wrote: 
only you were here, daddy.  

only you were here,

family would be whole.

only you were here,

could see the lives we live.

only you were here,

would know the joy of a grandson.

only you were here,

heart wouldn’t ache.

Back in December 2010 i wrote:
As I look at the date. The anniversary is coming closer. I start to get numb. My eyes water over. I wait to feel them set free from the containment of my tear duct. Six years. Along time. But not long enough to erase the sadness. Its true, time does help, it does ease most of the pain. It does not eliminate it. I don't cry every time I hear the song 'Turn the Page'. I don't even tear up when a gloomy day comes along and reminds me of him. I can even look at his picture and smile. Think good times and not automatically feel lost, the way that I once had. At least i did have i…

Christmas Gifts

Hello to all. First i want to give my thoughts out to the families dealing with the deadly shooting in CT. Our hearts go out to you all!


I just finished my nephews' and my niece's chirstmas gifts.

And up soon, pictures of my son's sweater! i finished it. its all knitted and sewn.. now.. just the pest-y ends to weave in. i will post pictures and explain the seaming techniques i used. Hopefully within the next few days i will have that posted.

Thats it for this update, as usual, if you have any tips, suggestions, requests or any comments, please feel free to leave them!!!

I hope you all have a safe week and weekend ahead!

Seaming Knitted pieces together

Hello to all!! I just finished my son's sweater, well.. the knitting bit of it.. and i had no idea the best way to seam it.. i always hear people complaining of seaming things.. so i wanted to make sure i was doing it a good way as not to be so obvious there was seams.. if that makes sense or not... so i went to my trusty YouTube.

I searched several different ways, and ventured on the side bar for anything that looked promising.. and i came up with 3 videos i like..

 This one is really fast, and not very descriptive, in my opinion, but i liked the close up of the work and i can see what is happening and understand.

This one is for knitting looms, or machines i think.. but still it shows several different ways of seaming pieces together. and it is up close and with different colored  yarn with well explained descriptions.

This is really in detail!! and close up. very helpful.. i think this will be what i will do on the seams on the sweater, i will give an update and let you know …

Happy Holidays and Seasons Greetings!

Hello to all!! thank you for stopping by and taking a look!! Here is whats been happening and what is to come!!

1. i did go to the ENT specialist. he says i have TMJ (Temperomandiblular joint pain) that my ears are ok right now. that its the pain from my jaw making my head hurt so bad. He put me on 600mg ibuprofen regimen, saline spray and my nasonex.. and i go back in 6 weeks. and oh.. a "soft" diet for a month.. only soft food.. ick..

2. I never look at the merchandise from dA.. and the reason is.. there are some awesome things available that i want.. and cant get.. but i did look yesterday.. and i fell in love with some of the shirts!!

3. my project list right now is sooooo longgggg.. i just kept adding to it.. and once again feel that i overwhelmed myself at the moment.. and its really bad because lately, ive not been able to work on anything because of my head hurting so bad i havent been able to concentrate..

My to-do list:
*Finish Eric's sweater- over half way done…