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Update and crochet?

Hello to all!!
Look!! It's Saturday and I am posting!!
This week... I feel that school has chewed me up and spat me out..
But, I am enjoying and I have had 2 quizzes, and have rocked them so far!  (100, 90)
My son is doing well with his schooling, it is his second week and  his work load is picking up now.  I like his teachers this year, they seem really nice, so far.
An assignment for my class this week is to make a bullentin board page  telling others about ourselves,  and how can i talk about myself with out adding crochet? I can't. ^ crochet by  me, without pattern.
I will be adding these to the page on the board about myself!!!
Also, after some afternoon showers, I took these relaxing pictures:
 ^An aloe plant that my mother gave me from my nana's  garden.^ A little plant growing inside the aloe pot. no idea what it is.. kinda tree-ish though?
That is about all that I have to update for this week! Have a safe and wonderful weekend and work week a head!! Thank you for …

Hello!!! A really good post!!! :)

Hello to all!!!
Thank you for stopping by! I have so much to share this week!!
Ok! A quick reminder, school starting back, may go back to posting every week and a half to two weeks.. depending on how demanding everything is!
This weekend, My mother and I made a waitress server book!! (First craft project since i was small!!) She picked a very awesome "starry universe" print duck tape She knew what she wanted, and it worked out perfectly!! (the blue lines are added to picture to show the different pockets)
I greatly enjoyed spending time and crafting with her! I hope to do it again soon in the future!  (you know i love ya mom!)
I finished hats 3 and 4 of the welding caps for my cousin:
Used wonderful website for piecing. they went by so much faster using  this tutorial. I averaged 2 hats in the time that it used to take me to make 1  by myself.. Sew-a-Welders-Cap
A few digital arts too:
I outlined a sketch for a contest prize on deviant Art. ( did not draw it, lashedlolita on…

Welding caps, first .gif and more

Hello to all!!
Thank you for stopping by! And look, I'm early posting!! :)
I have lots to share!
I finished 2 out of 4 welding caps that I am making for my cousin:
used this wonderful tutorial instructions. I was able to make these 2 in the time  I made 1 by myself, figuring it out... Sew-a-Welders-Cap
I drew this cute little penguin:  drawn from this tutorial: how_to_draw_a_cute_penguin by christopher hart
Also, While playing Minecraft with my son, I made this: its a cute fox from a chart from searching cross stitch charts. it is made of sheeps wool, dyed and sheared myself, with help from son!
And my first animation/.gif file. its kinda crappy, but i was inspired to learn today and i spent some time writing, layering, saving, and adjusting the time...
Thank you all for stopping by! I am sure i'll have more to show next week as I am still out of school, but my son goes back! oh what fun getting him back on a schedule!!!
Have a wonderful and safe weekend and an awesome work wee…

This weeks update :)

Hello to all!!!
Thank you so much for stopping by!!!
So, I am out of school, done with summer semester, looking forward to fall!!!
My son also starts school back soon, oh the busy times... 
Ok, this week... 
I have.. a picture that i colored, or two i think.... and some pictures taken around the house and outside. :)
Ok, for a coloring contest,  (i have no hopes to win, but liked the picture and colored for practice)
and here is a variant background:
Also, I have drawn and colored this: used a video tutorial from youtube. ^
Colored this and I am completely in love with it!!!
I did the background and the bubbles myself.  (used tutorial for the bubbles though)
And tonight, off the top of my head, I drew this little sunflower boy... :) And the other day, I grabbed the camera and went in search of things to take a picture off.. I usually do this "picture walk" in the spring or fall...  but spring went way too fast for me, and fall has yet to come...
^my bushes outside^ ^A blue …