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new line art

I lined this picture that i had drawn back in 2011 and i recolred it as well! I could tell i have improved in my digital computer skills.

Just a quick stop by today!

Necklace, New pattern? Baby stuff...

Hello to all!!! thanks for stopping by!! I am trying to get back into crafting... maybe a little bit of everything to come soon... but today, show a necklace that is finished and a blanket i started designing before i knew of a theme for one of the baby blankets i need to do...

It is worked in a granny square style, but less of the spacey holes.. uses FPDC and FPTRC i have put this on hold, considering not what is needed for current baby projects.

I re-strung this necklace for my mother, this necklace was broken and ive never seen how it was before hand, so i laid it out, and thought it was pretty being multi-strand.
I should be having more stuff to come... maybe some drawings.. been wanting to doodle..  some more crochet definitely, maybe some origami or candles?  We will see!!!
Thanks for stopping by! ~hazel  crochetamommy

SPRING!!!! time for cleaning, time for outing... crafting?

Hello to all!!!

I know... so quiet for so long.. so not like me, huh?.. I have been busy.. life, cleaning, and cabin fever making me get out the house and enjoy the warmth of the sun!!!! Which means.. not so much crafting or anything else.. but.. should be changing soon. Babies Galore coming soon, i know at least of 4 people that are giving birth in the next few months!!!! and at least 2 of the mothers will receive something from me!!!

Here are my latest craftings....

also ive made a small hand purse... but yet.. completely forgot to take pictures and upload them, so next post will have it!!!!

and here are some pretty pictures that i have taken lately...

Ok, thats all for the update today, hopefully i'll start being able to organize my time between the nice weather outside and crafting inside.... Hope everyone is doing well!!! Thanks for stopping by!!!