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Oh boy.. :)

Hello to all!  Thanks for stopping by today, I have a few things to show!!
I have finished a test square, will link to pattern when its live: 12in block:
And, exciting news.. I have a commission!! quite big and quite fun!! From a new friend, that is wonderful and amazing and oh so sweet!!!! I am making a few things for her to gift at a baby shower...
First, i have a sailor whale made: pattern: Sailor Whale Next i made a sailor octopus: pattern: Sailor octopus i did make a few changes, can be found on my ravely page: Crochetamommy sailor octopus Coming up, will be 2 sea turtles and a blanket,  here is a sneak preview of the blanket:
So, that is what i am currently up to, and loving it!!!  Love making baby items.. well, any items that are gifts really..
Feel free to leave any suggestions or comments!! Thank you for taking the time to stop by! ~hazel

Its a turtle, its a sunflower...

Hello to all!!!
I havent been crocheting/knitting or sewing much lately.. i have been doing other artistic things.. like drawing, lining and coloring pictures. :) But, i do hope to be doing both more sewing and crocheting soon!!
I have just finished making this little guy.. or gal. My mother in law requested for me to make a gift to give her friend, who just had an important anniversary. 7 years without smoking.  so, i thought up this little gal and with her favorite flower, i used this pattern: petunia-turtle-pattern
before i added the flower,

and after i added the flower, which i used this pattern for: Sunflower pattern

I changed my mind so many times on what i actually wanted to do, but i love the way she turned out. The flower is bendable!! 9in tall and 6in wide.
I am also in the progress of testing a square, and will post pics and link when available!
Thats about all for now, hopefully my crafting will pick up soon, i usually have a slow period in the summer and it shows!
and my…

Elvis purse

Hello to all!! I have been doing many things lately, sewing, digital art, reading..
after making the Dale Jr purse, i made:

yeh, i finally got around to making it for her, she wanted one since ive made my mom's.

Ive colored:

My Baby Dragon Line Art by UGLITRY

Thats about all that i have done that has been productive..
should be making a few more purses here and there,
may even get back to crocheting soon, starting to feel the itch for it..
Crochet and knitting commissions are still open!

thanks for stopping by,