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Emoitonal Outlet

Hello to all!!
Usually i do tons of crafting when upset..  but, i found a new outlet..

yep.. taken all those today... between home schooling, cleaning and crocheting a doily.. 
will post pictures of doily by friday. I am making it to go on my father in laws remembrance table.
Thanks for stopping by, hoped you enjoyed. ~hazel~ crochetamommy

Random Pics and stress relief and a birthday!

Hello to all, just wanted to post my latest creation (still needs some tweaking)  and some pictures i have been taking lately.
Here we go:
My origami style panda applique!  I do not like the eyes or nose, so may make them embroidery.  measures 5in by 5in. In the process of typing it up and then i will have it tested.
The mini bear i made the other day i love this picture!
This is my baby being sneaky in the bushes...

a baby cactus sprouting. :) i love my cacti. they have some
of the most beautiful flowers in the summer!

dandelions are also some of my fave plants, love to
watch them sway in the wind.
This flower.. not sure what it is.. i think its off of
the thorny vines.. but.. still pretty and turned out as a good picture!

Also, my son is turning 8! wow time flies.. i just
wish that such sad news wasnt so close, but, then
again, we would never want to lose a loved one..

Thanks for stopping by and visiting!


just a little short note, i am going on hiatus for a bit, my father in law passed away tonight and i need to be with family and help us all do the best we can.

To Brighten your day

Hello to all! I just finished something i had been working on for a few weeks now, off and on between other hobbies, while relaxing.
Original by Kathy Ahrens Bubbles zendoodle
She has some amazing doodles!! I hope to be coloring more soon.
Crocheting, ive made: Can Cozy by Wanda Bennett
and i also have a sewing project in the works, its a zippered bag with tons of pockets on the outside of it,  since my mother wanted more pockets than her purse had, i thought i would make this to hold all the little nicknacks and papers she carries... will post picture when finished.
I hope to be crocheting some squares and little animals soon, ive been bitten by the bug for  amigurumi again! May or may not post over the next week, seeing as im having a tooth pulled... and last one i had pulled took me forever to recover from..
Thanks for stopping by, i hope you have enjoyed the visit!! :) If there is anything you would like to see made, or have made for yourself, feel free to comment or email me. ~haz…

Busy Bee

hello to all! thanks for stopping by! it seems that when ever i go a few days without crafting or creating things my creative juices build up...and burst! i went most of the week doing nothing creative... and yesterday was a craft day. i did so many different hobbies...
side A ^ Side B^ Inside ^ 
/pleated-purse-tutorial/ I made  for my mom, used up most of the fabric i bought for her. thinking of making a small wallet later to go with it. measures 16in wide and 13in tall.
made myself another African flower dishcloth. this is the 3rd ive made from this pattern. its easy and so fast! and i finished my origami flower ball for the mobile im making and i made:

 from Origami Hummingbird
It had a few parts that were hard to understand, and i had to fold, unfold, refold, unfold and refold again..
but i stuck with it...
this was going to be in my mobile, but isnt exactly what i picture in my idea, so on to the next.

All that i did in one day!!! wow.. :) I loved every minute of it too!

Thanks f…

latest projects

Hello to all! I know, ive been absent lately, the weather is warming up for spring, and i have been taking full advantage of being able to get outside.
this is my 3rd dishcloth from this pattern african-flower-dishcloth-pattern origami flower ball i made for a mobile project im working on.
my husband took this wonderful picture for me after we had a quick rain shower.
that has been what i have been doing. not much lately! thanks for stopping by taking a look!
oh yeh, ive been using My Fitness Pal I have been keeping track of my calories and exercise. i am doing really well with it!  ~hazel

April starts

Hello  to all! thanks for stopping by! I've  been busy the last few days..
9in square i tested: Posie Patch by Melissa Green
here is the 12in square i tested for her
simple-10-petal-afghan-square this was my 1st square for march
princess 12in square  my 2nd square for march.
i was kinda behind on them, but i am caught up now  and moving on to April's squares.
so far, i have 16 squares made for my blanket:
That is all for crocheting.  I hope to be sewing a purse soon, and another apron. I am also planning a few quilling projects, hopefully will work out.
I think that is all i had to say..i had a few other things i wanted to say..but completely forgot. next time i need to write the thoughts down...
have a nice day! ~hazel~crochetamommy