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A new year 2016

I wanted to start off by wishing you all a wonderful New Year to come!
Not drawn by me, but colored by me!
This year to come, I know it will be a busy one, but i feel that we can handle it together!
I have many things that i have made or drawn over the last couple months that i have been absent on here.. Melt and pour soap with crochet cloths for all the women in my life. :)
Star Wars snowflake - Yoda, my fave! :)
A Merry Christmas .gif i made A Christmas seal that i had drawn and colored!
Have a few more things that i created, but that is the highlight of the last  few months of 2015. ***************************************************************************** This year, i have already been drawing more, lining more pictures and also crocheting!   All of the above was drawn out of a book that a friend gifted me for the holidays I love it, its awesome and fun to draw with my son!! Drawing-Animals-Shape-Rectangles-Triangles By Christopher Hart There are other books by him that i reall…