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Purse, Coloring, and Squirrel!!!

Hello to all! Things are hectic around here, hubby's back is out,  and im taking extra care of him and stuff around house,  so not much time for anything else,  but did get somethings done...well, almost..
Here is a work in progress shot of the commissioned bag my needle broke, all i have to do when i get a new one is the stitching around the top rim. Also, i tried a new thing with the liner, and the pocket on the inside, what do you think?

I love making these purses! so fun and cute! may have to do one for myself soon! (already promised one my SIL!)
I have been coloring a lot lately, when im really stressed and worried and sad, i tend to color above all else of my hobbies... i also even drawn a new picture and colored it as well... 
Original lines Summer Kitty I just colored it! She has some awesome, awesome drawings, and lets people color them for free!! :)
and i had drawn and colored this, Maraquan Kau from Will start posting my line arts here, if anyone so wishes …

Coming up~

Hello to all!!
I am going to be busy once again for a bit! I am currently writing out the pattern for the Crochet Blumaroo Applique almost have it finished to be typed up!
Also, I will be making another pleated purse like i  made for my mother! Dale Jr fabric and everything!!  Its great to have commissions!
So, those are two things that will be coming up soon on here.
Recently completed paintings:
 ^ painted by me ^ painted by my son
Cool videos i found that are helpful on youtube:
How to sew ends in on Crochet. I usually do part of this, but havent really thought of unraveling the ends and finishing it like she does, may have to give it a go..
as far as food, here is an awesome cake i hope to try:
Ok, thats it for today! I just wanted to update and tell what was going on. Thank you for stopping by! ~hazel

Lazy, not myself...

Hello to all! Wow, June already? Time flies....especially when i don't do anything creative or productive. Also, this blogging stuff gets on my mind...i think of so much to talk about or show, just to forget to write it how i want it to come out...then i completely forget all together.... So, i will start trying to write things down as they come,then maybe i won't be so inactive on here as much...which for the most part,i have been incredibly inactive on all my internet sites i visit.
Today, i have a few things to show, some i have been working on for a few weeks, some for a few days, and one project i started last night and finished this afternoon with my son.
CROCHET: This is a blumaroo off of  website they have artistic contests, and this  is to make aprons dealing with favorite neopets. Now, this isnt my fave off the site, but still one i really like..i created this crochet applique to sew onto an apron that i am going to sew together.. i have been  working on…