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Erics Corner

Eric's Corner #3 1/21/2018

Pokemon! Pokemon! Pokemon!!!

Hey guys, so lately I have been loving my Scooby-doo and Pokémon.
And I have almost beat my Pokémon moon. And I started watching Pokémon Sun and Moon.

I am in a big Pokémon mood right now so I got a question for everyone; Should I make and start posting Pokémon Fanfiction to my Corner?You can put your answer in the comments below.

Also I’ve got 3 of those mega blocks Pokéballs, I have Mimikyu, Pikachu, and Meowth.

If there is anything you guys really want me to talk about on my blog then just let me know in the comments.

And don’t forget that you need to post your Robot drawings in the comments of this post and the one I like most will be given a shout-out next Post.

I’m sorry for the short post, next one will be longer.

This week’s drawing topic: Create your own Pokémon, or create a new form or evolution for an already existing Pokémon.

Good luck everyone, and see Ya next time everyone!


1/14/2018-- ART CHALLENGE!

Hello guys, thanks for reading my first post, hope you all enjoyed it.
Now you can see the title of this post and you might be thinking: “Art challenge?” or “What does he mean by art challenge?”.
So here is how it’s going to go, alright first: if anyone has heard of like the 30-day challenge, that’s basically what we gonna do. I am gonna add new posts every Friday, now each time I add a post I will give a drawing topic and when I post the next week you guys will comment with a picture of your drawing, and that same post I will give you a new drawing topic, and then the third week you will comment the new drawings, and I will give you a new topic but I will also be giving a shout-out to the drawing I like the most.
Now I Will also be drawing, but be warned, my drawing skills are over 9000!!!!
Did I say 9000? Oh I meant; -9000. I’m not that good at drawing but I will still do my best and by doing this fun little challenge my art skills will grow.
Now the Game Area:
Last week I got a new game: TomoDachi life, and I’ve hit it almost as hard as my fusions but I am going to put my Dragon Ball Fusions back in for a little bit, but about Dragon Ball Fusions, I’ve unlock Cooler and Cell and Cell Jr. . I also Fused with Cooler.
But that’s about it this week.
Buh-Bye Everyone, have a wonderful week, see you people next Friday
Art Topic: Draw a Robot


Dear Viewers, Eric here, now my blog will be little bits of this and that, it will be funny, cool, and hopefully more.
And that is about it, I might also include some drawings, fanart, fanfiction, and some other things.

Ok, a bit of info on me:
Name: Eric
Other: I am a lazy/book writing/ game making/ game playing/ Tv watching kid
Hehe, yep that is all the info for now

I am typing my very first book, I might tell some more info on that later, and a bit about the game I am making.
Aright the first thing I’ll talk about is a game I’ve been playing nonstop, Dragon Ball Fusions
 I got it on Christmas Eve and not a single day Have I went without playing it.
I beat it in about 2 or 3 days, now I’m just doing sub-events and gathering more characters.
It’s fun, easy, and kinda like Pokémon.
I think you guys should play it, if you love Dragon Ball, have time, have the nerve to play for hours leveling up your team.
If anyone has any questions about the game or anything on my corner, let me know and I will do my best to answer.
Alright I think I’ll end it here for now, let me know what you wanna see on my Corner. Until Next Time, Buh-Bye Guys.


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with beaded eyes, not for little babies.
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