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Spring in!

Hello to all!!! I am so loving the extra hour of sunlight! That means extra time before dark after work!! Lovely warm weather!!

Here are a few things that i have been up to:

Tried Banana nut bread/cake/brownies:

Colored a beautiful Snail with glittery pens!

A 3D quilling pony that i just finished:
A flowerpot that I painted a few weeks ago:

And my son, colored this wonderful picture!! It rocks!!
And the open flower from the bud picture I posted:

I hope that you enjoyed!! Have fun, be safe and enjoy life!!

Thank you for stopping by!!


March already...

Hello to all!!! How did the month of Feb just disappear on me?

Here is what i have been up to, besides work, cooking, cleaning, spending time with family, etc...

Valentines day gift to my son: (with crazy digital eyes.. couldnt get them right!)

Then I quilled a rooster/chicken over the weekend. Ive been on Pintrest a lot... and this is one of the many things i look up on it!!  Quilled chicken/rooster PIN

Next, on one of my visits to my mom's house, I took a look at her rose garden and captured this with my phone.. Such a lovely sight.

On Sunday, was spending a little me time browsing some friends work on dA and came across the lineart for this picture and decided to color it..  We are still really big into Pokemon Go as a family!
Coming up: More quilling, maybe some watercolor/color pencil works, Some crochet pokemon applique ideas in my head... Who knows? lol

Thanks for stopping by, I hope that you enjoyed!

Be safe, have fun and Enjoy life!