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first bunnies, now turtles...

Hey to all!  I haven't been crafting much lately, warmer weather always calls us outside. But i have started back crocheting a little. Small turtles that are geniusously made. No sewing! I do see myself making lots more for family and friends!

Square and Easter items

Hello to all!!!
Just stopping in and showing a few items ive made lately..
I tested this square for Melissa Green from ravelry aenlayna by melissa green
also, fresh off the hook:
3.5 inches long... so freaking cute!!! pattern: 
and here are some cute flower pictures from my recently made flower box: marigolds ^  purple petunia  diathesis^ pink petunia
Thats all for today!!!! Enjoy!!

Monkey!!!! - Pattern in testing!!

Hello to all!!!
not been doing much.. working on a minion case for my neice, and working on getting some of my patterns typed, tested, and released!!
next up: after this may be my cute lamb that gets added to any 12in-24in blanket
thanks for stopping by!!! ~hazel~crochetamommy

Minion Case pattern- ready!!

can purchase here: Minion Case- Buy It Now $2.25 Uses Tunisian Simple Stitch,  Comes with Alternative hdc case. (Half Double Crochet) Fits most 7in tablets, and kids gaming systems.