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latest updates...

My yellow climbing rose update. Top picture was March and this bottom one is from Mother's day. I'm so glad it's surviving! I also planted another one, but it's either red or orange..I don't remember! Lol

Here is what I made my mom for Mothers day. I was inspired by a pintrest. Its a small clay pot with air dry clay and paint turning it into a fairy garden house... I may make her a while little set...
It was my 2nd time working with air dry clay, I greatly enjoyed it. Here was the first time, a gift to my son for his birthday:

Here is a little picture I just colored while listening to an audio book, it was very relaxing!
 And just for fun, here is my ferret baby, his name is Shiro-san
Yes, his eyes are red! Lol
Thanks for stopping by! -hazel-crochetamommy