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What im working on

Hello to all!! Just thought i would write a to-do list, for me and to let ya'll know what i will be up to.. unless i get some commissions.. :) they take over when i have them!

so, right now:
1. Knitting a skull sweater for my son, i have the back piece finished, and the front piece i am working on, already on the color work for the skull!

2. The Christmas gifts for my nephews and my niece, which are crochet.

3. found a wonderful pattern for a doily. Will be making it for my mother and my mother in law with some candles like i did last year.
and this year, i am wanting to make this one: found:
4: working on drawing more Christmas cards for DeviantArt holiday card project. 
Im also gonna be working on a cross stitch that was giving to me many many years ago from my aunt.. and i messed up on it and stopped working on it. Found it in my mother's shed while looking for christmas stuff, and im gonna be ripping o…

Feeling better and what im working on

Hello to all! Thanks for stopping by and reading! I am feeling better for the most part! i dont have as much pressure in my head, and that is wonderful. Now i can crochet and knit!!! and do stuff that i dont wanna do.. like house work and stuff.. but it needs to be done and now, i can!! yay! I am still having slight pain and popping sounds in my ear, so i most likely will still be going to my ENT (specialist- ear,nose,throat doctor) at the beginning of Dec. Ok, enough about me.. lets talk about what i am working on and doing lately...

I am doing a Holiday Card Project 2012 on Holiday Card Project 2012
so far, i have two done. I am using the site for tutorials. They are so fast, easy and cute! and my son is helping by coloring and using the hole punch to cut out shapes for the insides of the cards. I am also thinking of crocheting a little flat ornament to go in them as an extra surprise! :)

Ok, as for knitting and crocheting, I am knitting my son a sweater…

Was really sick, and latest projects

Hello to all! thanks for stopping by and reading! Lately (last 2 weeks) ive been really really sick and in pain. Went to the Er (emergency room at the hospital) and was diagnosed with slight bronchitis and an middle ear infection. was prescribed butt load of med to take.. which some gave side effects.. and after a week of that, i finally went to another dr. and he referred me to a ENT specialist.. and some more med.. these however, are helping more than the others. and i finally have my head back.. and not so much pressure.. but my ears are still hurting and popping... but i am feeling way better than i have in the last few weeks... so, wanted to update and show my latest projects and what i am working on...

Here is my last crochet project before i got sick..i mentioned i was working on some fingerless mitts for myself.. here they are and i love them!! pattern: Lisle Fingerless Gloves

and last night.. i made some of the Christmas gifts i am wanting to make for my son for Christmas. a…

Latest project

Hello to all!! Not much to say about much.. i just wanted to show what i made for my mom. Her dog died the other day. So, i decided to make her a little doggie that will always be with her.

I'm also gonna start a wrist warmer test pattern soon, they will be for me. ive been using the same pair of wrist warmers for the last few years.. ready for something different in a different color. will post when finished. Also, im fixing to start working on something for my son's Christmas.. im gonna crochet him a few pokemon. He is so.. back and forth .. in that stage right now. And during all that.. im going to try to get a few more of my patterns worked out, tested and released.

Thanks for stopping by taking a read! As always, feel free to comment, leave suggestions, requests or tips. :)