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Been a busy time lately.. between son's minor surgery and my husbands back surgery...

Here is an update of projects ive been working on!

My Mother in Law just had a birthday, and here is what i made her:

A sashay scarf in pink. Used J hook and 4 stitches across. 
And instead of making her a card, i drew this picture for her, also digitally colored it and printed it out.
This is a dishcloth pattern i tested in one of the groups on ravelry. a really nice texture to it!!

Not sure if i mention what i made for my mothers birthday, but hand drawn this card and colored it. Also made her a sashay scarf.

I drew this picture for my hubby.

 And here are some pretty pictures i have taken lately around outside

Thats quite an update!! Hopefully i'll be back regularly now!!


Work in Progress... FINISHED and lots of pictures!!!

Hello to all! Thanks for stopping by! Just wanted to stop in and show a few things i finished.. and other stuff..
I finished the monkey for my mother to give to a friend's son, who will turn 1 on Friday!! (which is also my moms bday)

and for my Mom's gift, i am made her a scarf from red heart sashay yarn.. a complete surprise to her!! this one is my first, and kinda shorter than i wanted, so making another one  right now!! this one measures 4in wide and 35in long...  and made within one day without too much time!!

Next, on my work to do list was, a bounce a terrific tiger named.. TIGGER! made for my SIL's mother's bday.

pattern from K4TT - Fiberdoodles stripes took me freaking forever!!! 
Um, i think that is all i have made lately... too much crochet!! hope to do some drawing  and sewing..
Went walking outside with my son, and took these pictures.. I feel in love with each and every shot. He kept flying up and then landing again... Awesomeness!!!

Thats it for now!!!  …