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Turning of a page, begin the new journey!

Hello to all! thank you for stopping by!
I am finished with my dental assisting diploma!
4.0 Honor graduate Vice President of the 2016 Dental Assisting Club 2016 Hinman Scholar
It has been a long journey,  as sad as i am to stop learning in the classroom I am excited to continue learning every day in the real world classroom.
Now, i look forward to having more time with my family more craft time, more relaxation time
Here are a few things that i have been up to lately: Mt. Fuji and cherry blossom that i digitally painted  and printed as the cover of a Thank you note to one of my fave clinics. Chibi Jessica that i colored with water color pencils and blended with water
chibi roger rabbit to go with chibi jessica!
Sunset painted with watercolors by me
while spending time with my son!

Prayer angel for my SIL instructor

mine ^ Galaxy sky watercolor painting during  spending time with son

Thank you all for stopping by
putting up with my absences over the last 2 years
I hope to g…