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Baby set- booties and a bookmark

Hello to all!!!! Wanted to drop in and show what i am working on! Its a massively cute baby set!

here are the booties:

They will have ribbon in them, but forgot to buy it when i bought the yarn. So, when everything is finished, i will get the ribbon and then have one huge picture of it all!!! :) but will show pictures of each item when finished them.

Also, i have finished coloring a bookmark. A zendoodle from Kathy Ahrens again, such an awesome doodler! I have it printed out, just need to crochet around the edges and add a tassel! :)

And.... i am making a surprise item that i cant be showing until recipient receives it. Should have it out in the mail tomorrow, wednesday at lastest.

Thats about it for today!!! Thanks for stopping by! Have fun, enjoy the week! Be safe! :)

Tiny heart, flutter curtains and pink snake.. oh my!

Hello to all!!!
I have a lot to share! ive been semi-crocheting lately!!  here are a few projects i have recently finished:
A tiny blue heart. worked with embroidery floss and 0 steel hook pattern: amigurumi-heart-tutorial

measures an inch wide and not even an inch tall!!!! was going to put on key chain, but gave to my mommy!!!! 
next i made cute curtain ties. my main curtain rod fell, so i had to fix my curtains another way, so instead of tying the curtains like i usually do, i went in search of actual curtain ties.. pattern: flutter-by-curtain-ties

they are so adorable and make me smile every time i walk by!
and today..i worked on something that was asked of me a few weeks ago
by my SIL. and after just under 3 hours this morning, i was able to finish it and gift it to her today!
pattern: new-year-snake

measures about 5in tall!!
how can you not smile and be happy to see this? :)

Also, i finished coloring this picture last week, after working on it for a few weeks.
drawn by Kathy Ahre…

Baby set gift completed.. and keychains?

Hello to all!!
I have finally finished the baby gift set going to my cousin!
the pink is slightly.. pinker in the hat.. different dye lot.. was laying with what i used with blanket..
but still cute, eh?
Key chains... yep.. since ive made that little owl from embroidery floss, ive been obessed with wanting to make different ones for key,  i bought a varitey pack of them so i can make some!! will be listing in my etsy store! I have even sold a pattern off etsy now!!!  here it is: CrochetamommysCrafts
Thanks for stopping by! I will probably have key chains, maybe a snake and who know what will be next! Thank you for stopping by!! ~hazel~crochetamommy

Blog review!!!! Go check it out!!!

Hello!!! Thanks for stopping by, today i have a very special posting!!
Today, I am doing something totally different, something I have never thought of doing, until a wonderfully sweet person brought the idea up to me.
And how could I say no? I am doing a review of a fellow hobbyist blog. She is just starting it out, but already I really like it. Written in German and English its very interesting and obviously time consuming but really worth it in my opinion.
Here is her Blog and she is also a fellow deviantArt friend: Shari01
Please give a big welcome and visit! I love the fact that she changes patterns as needed to work. Creating things for her godchild and other family/friends. Not just a crocheter and knitter, but also a drawer and a writer.
Here are some of the many things I found that I like and would like to share with you all!
Here are some amazing pictures she has posted at dA:

Here are a few very cute crochet and knitted items:

^a duck owl!!! how cute.. not a duck.. not …

Another Owl... and a drawing

Hello to all!!!!
I made another cute owl, this one smaller and more cute than before!! measures about 1.5in wide and 2in tall  crochet with embroidery floss.  Made for my Aunt, who i love very much. Thank you for being there through the years!
Ive been wanting to doodle lately, and when my nephew asked me to draw a character in his new notebook, he requested Salvador off of a video game. used references off of google, with a pencil and pen:
Coming up, should be a crochet baby hat.. not absolutely sure on that yet. and a blog review of a fellow hobbyist. Im really looking forward to sharing with you all! 
Also, going to start promoting my patterns and items for sale soon, re-stocking my etsy store and my storenvy store!! will post link when i have it up and ready! Thanks for stopping by! Have fun, be safe! Come back soon!! ~hazel~crochetaommy

happy 4th and a blanket!

Hello to all! Thanks for stopping by! Here is the latest off my hook:

Everyone be safe and have fun!

Lady Bug applique Pattern

Hello to all!!!
Today, i offer my lady bug applique pattern! just tested and ready to be made!
buy it now $1.00
I am working on a blanket and may have another version of a lady bug soon.. 
Here is a drawing i completed lately of a character off the game ive been playing: that finished up my sketchbook ive been drawing in since July 2011!
Thanks for stopping by and taking a look at my crafty-ness!!! be safe and have fun! ~hazel~crochetamommy