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Dishcloth/coasters.. 2nd block for Feb, Pattern for sale

Hello to all!! thanks for stopping by and reading!! I have several things going on.. and i have actually been able to mark some of my To-do list as finished!!
 Mom's dishcloth and 4 coaster set! she really liked the round one, 
reminds her of a starfish, she said.

and I finished my 2nd block for this month
for my blanket i am going to assemble in Dec if i can keep up 
making blocks every month! 4squares in 2months down!

 I have the pattern, and fabric cut out for my son's plushy 
Triceratops that i am making him, that thing
is going to be huge.. 10in tall by 22 in long!! ive no idea what i got myself into.. but its so like me, just to jump knowing i can do it... or at the very least, find help to do it! will post pics when i have it finished.. his colors are blue, with red horns.

I will be drawing soon, i have several prize donations that i need to get done. 

oh yeah, almost forgot.. my flower bookmark pattern is up for sale now!! $1.00 for the pattern that has 4 bookmarks. Can find the link to by in my Pattern page. Also, i accidentally deleted my lion applique pattern from here.. i will try to get it back up.. but i did raise it to $1.00.. as right now, every dollar is tight. 

Also, i have a design in my head for a Kindle cover. it will be knitted (most likely) and will be my first knitted design. will have pics when it gets out of my head!!

I think that is about it.. i can not really think of anything else to add... so.. have a good night/good day and come back to visit soon to see what i have going on!



  1. Beautiful work!!! I shared this on my FB page!!! Thanks for joining my blog!!!

    1. Aww. thank you so very much!!! that means a lot to me!! You are so welcome, i cant wait to see whats to come!! you have some fabulous doodles!!



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